Santa Hat

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Santa Hat

Item Information
Item Leather Helmet
Min. Level 30
Rarity Rare
Base Health Bonus +230
Powder Slots 1 ()
Obtain Discontinued
Quest Craftmas Chaos

The Santa Hat is a rare item that could be obtained as a reward from the Craftmas Chaos quest during the 2014 winter season.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

It costs 51 Emeralds to identify the Santa Hat.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Health Regen   +9  +39
 XP Bonus   +4%  +20%
 Loot Bonus   +4%  +20%
 Health   +8  +32
  Water Defense   +3%  +13%

Obtain[edit | edit source]

  • Santa Hat could be obtained as a reward from the quest Craftmas Chaos during the 2014 Wynnter season.
  • the Santa Hat can now only be obtained by trading with other players.

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