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NPC Info
X: 476 Z: -1623
Location Detlas
Quest Involved Grave Digger

Sayleros is the NPC contacted at the start of the quest Grave Digger. He is located near the Northern Entrance of Detlas. At the start of the quest, Sayleros asks the player to help him find the will of his deceased brother.


  • After completing Grave Digger:
    • Sayleros: Thank you so much for your help!

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

  • Talking to Sayleros in snowy Detlas:
    • Sayleros: Hello again! My, it's been a while since I've seen the snow. And never around these parts!
    • Sayleros: Well, it's a Craftmas miracle, I suppose.
  • Further conversation:
    • Sayleros: Thank you greatly for your help with my situation, by the way.
    • Sayleros: I easily managed to get the money I was allotted by the will, which I wouldn't have been able to do without you!