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Scarlet Veil

Item Lore
You're seeing red... Time to see more of it.
Item Information
Item Chain Helmet
Min. Level 52
Rarity Fabled
Base Health Bonus +1000
Obtain Loot Chest
Mob Drop
Base Defenses
Earth -30
Thunder -30
Water -30
Fire -30
Air -30

The Scarlet Veil is a Level 52 Fabled helmet. In return for drastically reducing the player's elemental defenses, the player gains a bonus to their attack speed and damage. It also comes with the Explosive Impact Major Identification, giving every hit a chance to produce an explosion.


It costs 684 Emeralds to identify Scarlet Veil.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Main Attack Damage   +8%  +33%
 Walk Speed   +2%  +10%
 Attack Speed   +1 Tier  +1 Tier
  Main Attack Neutral Damage   +20  +85
  Fire Defense   -130%  -70%
  Water Defense   -130%  -70%
  Air Defense   -130%  -70%
  Thunder Defense   -130%  -70%
  Earth Defense   -130%  -70%