Scroll Merchant

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Scroll Merchant
Type Teleport Scrolls Merchant
Location Wynn, Gavel and Corkus provinces, The Tower of Amnesia
Total 27 Merchants
Variations 3 Variations

Scroll Merchants are NPCs that sell Teleport Scrolls, which can be attuned to varying locations and have varying prices. These merchants can be found in every major town in both Wynn and Gavel, providing a means of fast-travel back to the town in exchange for emeralds. As players reach higher-levelled areas, the Teleport Scrolls become more expensive. In addition, a special scroll known as the Skill Reset Scroll can be bought at the Tower of Amnesia, after completing the quest of the same name. This Scroll resets all allotted Skill Points a player may have used, one time only, allowing the player to start fresh with a new skill build.

Dungeon Scroll Merchants[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Scroll Merchants are located in all major towns and sell Dungeon Teleport Scrolls. They wear a crimson hooded robe and have a black hole where the face should be. Each Scroll costs two Dungeon Fragments of the destination dungeon and teleports to its entrance. You still need to provide a key to enter it.

Note that dungeon scrolls do not cost any soul points when used. Because of this, some dungeon scrolls have great utility for general travel. For example, the common practice of running Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb many times means that those scrolls (which teleport to the Forgery) are sometimes used to travel to nearby Cinfras without spending significant amounts on Cinfras scrolls or losing soul points.

Location Province Price Function
Decrepit Sewers Wynn 2 Decrepit Sewers Fragments Teleport to the Decrepit Sewers dungeon
Infested Pit Wynn 2 Infested Pit Fragments Teleport to the Infested Pit dungeon
Lost Sanctuary Wynn 2 Lost Sanctuary Fragments Teleport to the Lost Sanctuary dungeon
Underworld Crypt Wynn 2 Underworld Crypt Fragments Teleport to the Underworld Crypt dungeon
Sand-Swept Tomb Wynn 2 Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments Teleport to the Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon
Ice Barrows Wynn 2 Ice Barrows Fragments Teleport to the Ice Barrows dungeon
Undergrowth Ruins Wynn 2 Undergrowth Ruins Fragments Teleport to Undergrowth Ruins dungeon
Galleon's Graveyard Ocean 2 Galleon's Graveyard Fragments Teleport to Galleon's Graveyard dungeon
Fallen Factory Corkus 2 Fallen Factory Fragments Teleport to Fallen Factory dungeon
Eldritch Outlook Silent Expanse 2 Eldritch Outlook Fragments Teleport to Eldritch Outlook dungeon
Corrupted Decrepit Sewers Gavel 2 Corrupted Decrepit Sewers Fragments Teleport to The Forgery
Corrupted Infested Pit Gavel 2 Corrupted Infested Pit Fragments Teleport to The Forgery
Corrupted Lost Sanctuary Gavel 2 Corrupted Lost Sanctuary Fragments Teleport to The Forgery
Corrupted Underworld Crypt Gavel 2 Corrupted Underworld Crypt Fragments Teleport to The Forgery
Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb Gavel 2 Corrupted Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments Teleport to The Forgery
Corrupted Ice Barrows Gavel 2 Corrupt Ice Barrows Fragments Teleport to The Forgery
Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins Gavel 2 Corrupt Undergrowth Ruins Fragments Teleport to The Forgery

Usage[edit | edit source]

Only larger cities and towns house Scroll Merchants, and they are spread across the provinces, covering nearly all regions. As long as a player has visited a given city before, they will be able to use the corresponding Scroll and return there instantly, at a cost of 1-2 Soul Points. Using a Scroll to teleport to a location within the current province costs 1 Soul Point while teleporting to a different province costs 2. Smaller towns and villages do not usually have their own merchants, and as such players who wish to use Scrolls to access them must buy a Scroll at a nearby city instead, and then travel the rest of the way (either on foot, by horse, or through another method).

Locations[edit | edit source]

Each city's scroll has a different price depending on its destination and the city it was bought in. The listed prices apply to scrolls that were bought in the same town they point at. Scroll Merchants also sell scrolls to lower leveled towns for several times the original price.

Location Price Function
Ragni 8
Teleport to Ragni
Detlas 8
Teleport to Detlas
Nemract 28
Teleport to Nemract
Selchar 40
Teleport to Selchar
Mage Island 52
Teleport to Mage Island
Almuj 52
Teleport to Almuj
Nesaak 1
Teleport to Nesaak
Troms 2
Teleport to Troms
Pirate Cove 2
Teleport to Pirate Cove
Llevigar 1
Teleport to Llevigar
Olux 1
Teleport to Olux
Gelibord 2
Teleport to Gelibord
Cinfras 2
Teleport to Cinfras
Eltom 2
Teleport to Eltom
Thesead 3
Teleport to Thesead
Rodoroc 3
Teleport to Rodoroc
Maex 3
Teleport to Maex
Kandon-Beda 3
Teleport to Kandon-Beda
Ahmsord 4
Teleport to Ahmsord
The Tower of Amnesia 6
Skill Reset
Corkus City 3
Teleport to Corkus City
Legendary Island 3
Teleport to Legendary Island
Rymek 4
Teleport to Rymek