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Seaskipper Captain
Seaskipper Captain.png
NPC Info
Location Every dock

The Seaskipper Captain is an NPC found on all islands and major ports, who allows you to fast-travel between islands using the V.S.S Seaskipper. On trips, he tells various tales, about lore of an island, inside jokes in the Wynncraft community, or simply tales of his travels. He also has a chance to give items to the player, based on the story he tells while traveling.

Item Drops[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Seaskipper Captain will talk to the player during trips on the Seaskipper. This is a documentation of all known dialogue that he can say.

Traveling Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Nemract[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Nemract, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're headin' for Nemract, a poor port town. It makes as much money as it can off of trade.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Despite how poor it is, everyone stops there just to go to their bar. No good sailor would be caught dead without some good ol' Nemract Whiskey.

Rooster Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Rooster Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're on our way to the so-called Rooster Island! The man who lives here named it that because of his obsession of chickens.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I've heard that he even married one! Love has no boundaries, I guess.

Bear Zoo[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Bear Zoo Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're on our way for the Bear Zoo, home of the legendary bear... and not much else.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I suppose you can buy a bear costume if you're lookin' for a souvenir, though.

Durum Isles[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Durum Isles, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're headin' towards the Durum Isles. If farmin' is your thing, there's no better place to go!
  • Seaskipper Captain: But if you're interested in explorin', I heard there's somethin' interestin' in the barn...

Selchar[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Selchar, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're headed for Selchar, the heart of the ocean! It's where most stranded or lost sailors tend to seek refuge at.
  • Seaskipper Captain: It's full of services and drunken sailors. It's also the second best place to listen to sailor stories. What's first? Nemract, of course!

Half Moon Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Half Moon Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're headin' for Half-Moon Island, an untouched place, mostly because of the sailor stories about a demon that lives here.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I doubt how trustworthy the stories are, since most of who tell them are drunks and fools.

Mage Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Mage Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: And we're off to Mage Island! A truly magical place, where young students gather to learn and use all sorts of spells.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Heard that they had their idea of building an academy in Selchar rejected, so they decided to make their own island, with magic books and enchanted stones.

Llevigar[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Llevigar, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I can see Gavel up ahead! Beautiful, ain't it? The first city you'll enter beyond the gates will be Llevigar, the royal city.
  • Seaskipper Captain: They make everything out of quartz there. Most of it comes from the Karoc Quarry. Hell, they have so much that they'll soon start eating it!

Nodguj Nation[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Nodguj, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I hope you brought your warm clothes, because we're headin' for the Ice Nations. The two used to live peacefully, until some argument about a stolen treasure broke out.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The war was getting pretty intense last I heard. But that was a while ago, maybe things have finally quieted down...

Skiens Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Skiens Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Don't know why you want to go to Skien's of all places. You know that his soldiers shoot down passing ships, right?
  • Seaskipper Captain: I'm not even going to risk getting close to there, and honestly you shouldn't either. That island is doomed desolation. Don't blame me if you get killed there.

Volcanic Isles[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Volcanic Isles, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The Volcano Isles make me sweat just thinking about 'em.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Nonetheless, they're a good destination if you're looking to spend some time doing archeology, lots of mining activities going on around.

Zhight Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Zhight Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Don't know why you're goin' to Zhight, the island's leader is a real nutcase. He calls the island his own nation!
  • Seaskipper Captain: He has even established his own currency. However, I heard he sells some amazing potions...

Maro Peaks[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Maro Peaks, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're off to the dangerous Maro Peaks! There's some weird cult dressed like sheep on there, apparently worshipping some powerful being.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I hope you've got a climbing helmet from the Ice Nations, though. You won't be able to explore Maro without it.

Galleon's Graveyard[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Galleon's Graveyard, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're settin' sail for the Galleon's Graveyard. How did it get that name? Well, I'm not exactly sure.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The rumor that goes around is that it's where the terrible pirate Redbeard finally met his end.

Pirate Cove[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Pirate Cove, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're heading straight to a pirate paradise indeed!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Pirate Cove is full of mischievous people, shady sailors and most important: lots and lots of Nemract Whiskey!

Dead Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Dead Island, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: We're headin' for Dead Island, but it ain't exactly a tourist attraction anymore. It used to be a beautiful, lively island.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But one day, something must've happened, and well... they don't call it Dead Island for nothin'.

Jofash Docks[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Where are ya headed? Jofash Dock, huh? A'ight! I'll get ya there in no time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Alright there passenger, we're heading off to the not-so-fantastic Jofash docks.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The place is pretty and all, but adventurers tend to avoid it. Many say that the place is full of weird people, but the tavern over there is heaven!

Main Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Speculation: Main Dialogue may be affected by inventory contents. It was observed that Sarnfic dialogue (not listed here) triggered once while holding the Treasure from the appropriate quest. in the thereafter next two travel dialogues- after completing the quest and receiving the Galleons Graveyard Key- it was observed that the dialogue for explaining the nature of Redbeard (not listed here) played twice.

Fake Pirate Ship[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Did I ever tell you about how I fended off an entire pirate ship?
  • Seaskipper Captain: Ho, ho, the fools don't ever come close to me again! I even snagged a hook off of one of 'em!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Heh, y'know, I'll let you in on a little secret. I didn' fend of[sic] no ship. The hook I grabbed from a dead pirate floating in the ocean.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Here, I'll give syou the hook if you can keep a secret. maybe someone at Pirate's Cove will want to buy it.
  • [+1 Old Pirate Hook]

The old pirate's hook is an untradeable item which is noted as 'useless to you' with a note that 'maybe someone would be willing to buy it...'.

In the Pirate's Cove at -643, -3178, there is a Wounded Buccaneer with the nametag 'Hook Merchant', with the approach dialogue of:

  • Wounded Buccaneer: Oh, what'ya have ther'? A hook?! Oi, give that one to me, will ya?
  • Wounded Buccaneer: Ay, I'll finally be grabbin' things with me left arm again! Com' over 'ere, and I'll give ya a few of my treasur's! If taken up on the offer, they sell 2 Emerald Blocks for the Old Pirate Hook.

(Note, all dialogue above is transcribed letter for letter including apparent misspellings like 'of' instead of 'off' and "treasur's".)

Greatest Treasure Hunt[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: I've heard tales around Nemract's Bar, about one of the greatest treasure hunts of all time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: A select few of the most skilled pirates went in search of treasure.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The storytellers must've been a bit drunk though...
  • Seaskipper Captain: Because as the tale goes on, a cow was the captain, and they wound up fighting a demon cow to try and get the treasure.

Fishing Tutorial[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Seems like it's a long travel ahead. How about some fishin’ to kill time, hm? Never done it?
  • Seaskipper Captain: Hah, well, I'm about to teach you. Learn from the best! First, you must choose the finest bait to attract the biggest fish.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Then, you gotta patiently wait. Without patience you won't catch a thing!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Ah! I caught somethin’! Quick, it hopped on the deck! Catch it!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
RawFish.png Raw Fish 0 1 - - - Trout Meat V.S.S. Seaskipper

Ghost Merchants[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Sometimes, no matter where I am, I'll hear someone shoutin’ like they're right next to me.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But when I turn my head, nobody's there! Startin’ to think it might be a ghost or somethin’.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Those ghosts are sayin’ some weird things, though. Tryin’ to buy and sell weapons’ holdin’ auctions.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I suppose the afterlife must have its own economy, too.

Western Mountains[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: I've been sailin' for years, I know every island in the sea like the back of my hand.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But I think my eyes must be playin' tricks on me lately. Because I swear, the western mountains moved.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Maybe I'm just startin' to get a bit old, but I could've sworn they were much closer not long ago.
  • Seaskipper Captain: On the bright side, they do look a lot more beautiful than I remember.

Sunken Gold[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: You'll never believe what I salvaged earlier today.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I found a treasure chest inside the waters! Naturally I hauled it aboard and opened it up.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I found great riches, there was more money than I knew what to do with!
  • Seaskipper Captain: So here, why don't you take a little share?
  • [+3 Sunken Block of Gold]

Delivering Goods[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Tomatoes, check... Carrots, check... Did that box jus' move?
  • Seaskipper Captain: Oh, 'scuse me soldier, sometimes people ask me to deliv'r some things as well.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Takin' people 'cross the sea is still my thing!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Though, I'd like if my business was a li'l bit more popular...

Origin Story[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Did I ever tell you the story about how I got into the Seaskipper business in the first place?
  • Seaskipper Captain: You see, my brothers inherited everything my father had. Land, emeralds, everythin'...
  • Seaskipper Captain: All I got was this little boat. So I had to find some way to make money with it.
  • Seaskipper Captain: So I started takin' people on rides across the ocean, and here I am!

Squiggles[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: I just got back from a trip to Nemract, and I gotta tell ya all about this crazy story I 'eard.
  • Seaskipper Captain: So this one sailor, who clearly had quite a few drinks, starts braggin' about how he fought a giant squid.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The whole bar was 'bout as drunk as he was, so they all bought his ridiculous story. But I had just got there, so I knew it was fake.
  • Seaskipper Captain: He was so drunk that he said the squid he fought had a name, but it's pretty clear to me there ain't no squid named "Squiggles".

Passing the Time[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Some people really don't like waitin' through these trips. I try and tell stories to pass the time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: can't believe I've finally found someone willin' to listen to me for once. Then again, you haven't said a word this whole time.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I guess you're just the silent type, huh? You haven't even asked me for my name yet. Well, I'll just tell you, I guess.
  • Seaskipper Captain: My name ain't just “Seaskipper Captain”, after all! It's actually... oh, wait!

Treasure in the Seavale Reef[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: One of my ol' mates in Selchar buys valuable ocean treasures. You could make a lot of emeralds off of 'im.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But those treasure ain't easy to come by, you'll have to go diving in Seavale Reef, just east of Selchar.
  • Seaskipper Captain: All of the jewels are hard to collect, due to needing to breathe air and all.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I heard there's a helmet somewhere that can allow you to breathe longer...

Keeping Good Company[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Y'know, I rarely get a client who talks to me.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Everyone's just silent and wants to get to their destination as soon as possible.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But you, you listen to me. You keep me a good company.
  • Seaskipper Captain:Here, take this for free! I hope to see ya soon 'gain.
  • [+1 Llevigar Boat Pass]

Bear Zoo[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Did you ever 'ear about the Bear Zoo on that island? Almost no one has!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Its owner earns money by selling bear masks and showing off an old bear he caught. Says he's keepin' it safe from the corruption.
  • Seaskipper Captain: He's a decent fellow, though. Sometimes I stop by and 'ave an exchange of sailor stories.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Can ya imagine, he's seen and fought off the big kraken by 'imself!

Out of Drinks[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Fetch me some Nemract Whiskey, my throat is sore from all this talking and this accursed hot weather... hic!
  • Seaskipper Captain: What do you mean there's no Nemract Whiskey left?
  • Seaskipper Captain: Well my throat is still sore, so how about I receive some rum you salty dog? WHAT? No rum either?!
  • Seaskipper Captain: This is outrageous! Why's the rum always gone... I didn't drink it... or did I? Maybe I should stop drinking for a while...

Corkus Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Corkus is one of the most interestin' places I’ve ever sailed to. All those crazy machines are incredible..
  • Seaskipper Captain: They've got this newfangled electromagic that's way beyond my understandin'.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The people there are just tryin' to show the world that they can be a province.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I respect what they're doin', because I know a thing or two about wantin' to get a little recognition...

Ghost Ship[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Y'know, there's a sailor tale of a ghost ship swimmin' around the ocean. Many say it's fake, but I've seen with my own eyes!
  • Seaskipper Captain: I may've been drunk, but I can tell truth and what I see in my head apart. It had a big skull at the front.
  • Seaskipper Captain: At least a hundred of undead aboard eyeing me. And that wasn't just once. I seen it more than that!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Last time I did it was near the Dead Island. It looked like it had anchored in place. I bet ya it's still there if you go check.

Ice Islands[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: I've 'ad the Ice Islands on my brain for a while now. I'll tell you all about them.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Of course, the main attraction is Nodguj and Dujgon. Those two have been in a big civil war for a while now.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But if you head southeast there's another island. It's so cold over there some say Santa himself set up his workshop there.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Then there's a big spooky fortress on the fourth island. Don't know who built it or why, but it's been sittin' there for years.

Selchar Teleportation Scroll[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Y'know, you look like someone who'd use my service more than once.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Monsters to kill, places to explore. The ocean's full of those!
  • Seaskipper Captain: I'll gladly take ya anywhere. Take this Selchar Teleportation Scroll!
  • Seaskipper Captain: If you need me, I'm usually there, since most of the demand comes from there.

Siegfried[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Hey, have you heard about Gavel's legendary hero, Siegfried?
  • Seaskipper Captain: He's known all across the province as their great defender. They say he's slayed dragons and fought off armies.
  • Seaskipper Captain: In fact, he's saved so many lives that the people of Gavel have begun to consider him their very own Bob.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The difference is that Siegfried's still around, so you might actually be able to meet him one day.

Nemract Whiskey[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: You know, I'm surprised I've found someone willin' to listen to all of my stories.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Most people just don't pay attention, or try and get me to stop talking entirely.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Here, lemme give ya something. I stopped by Nemract earlier today to pick up some cargo.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But I also picked up some good ol' Nemract Whiskey! Here, take a bottle, it's my treat!

Troll Tower[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Have you ev'r heard the tale of the Troll Tower? It rests upon a small island, in a part of the sea where few travel.
  • Seaskipper Captain: North of the Half-Moon Island and west of Mage Island. It's not a long sail from either, so I can always take ya if you want.
  • Seaskipper Captain: But I'd be careful if I were you. If those legends are true, then yer in danger if you dare try and venture there.
  • Seaskipper Captain: If you manage to climb the tall and terrible tower, a ferocious Troll is said to be waiting for you at the top.

Great Council Religion[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: I've had a lot of passengers with a few screws loose, and today I'll tell ye the tale of the craziest of 'em all.
  • Seaskipper Captain: He kept ramblin' on and on, insistin' that all of our lives were created by some sorta great council.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I dropped 'im off as soon as I could, 'cause I wasn't interested in his newfangled religion.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I'm a faithful Bovemist, no matter what.

Sunken City of Sarnfic[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: You ever heard of Sarnfic? It's an old, sunken city in the ocean.
  • Seaskipper Captain: I heard that it sunk 'cause of some damned boots. The place has been filled with undead ever since.
  • Seaskipper Captain: My granpy lived there when he was young. He's told me many tales of the place.
  • Seaskipper Captain: One that I remember the most is the one about a wine better than Nemract's Whiskey. Wish I could try some...

Jofash Captain[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: The locals over at Jofash are weird. One time I met a crazy captain who only spoke in rhymes.
  • Seaskipper Captain: He kept singing some song about takin' me on a voyage and gettin' a treasure map.
  • Seaskipper Captain: He was searchin' for a place called “Gateway Island”. I've heard many stories about that place…
  • Seaskipper Captain: That rhyming fool ain't gonna find Gateway Island, because it doesn't exist! It's a shame though, such a beautiful ship wasted on that idiot.

Gateway Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: There's a lot of stories about a mysterious island, called Gateway Island.
  • Seaskipper Captain: It's not on any map though, so no one's ever found it. Except one pirate.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The story goes that he buried valuable treasure on that island, but personally I'm just wonderin' why they called it Gateway Island.
  • Seaskipper Captain: If you're ever crazy enough to go looking for it, the V.S.S. Seaskipper is here to take you anywhere! Well, anywhere that's on the maps...

Legendary Island[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Have you ever been to the Legendary Island? Y'know, the island just southeast of Corkus?
  • Seaskipper Captain: My friend, Herbert, runs that place. Corkus government funded his crazy project, to create the strongest machines ever.
  • Seaskipper Captain: As part of his research, he traveled across the world, where he met me. He became my most frequent customer, since he kept travellin' here, there, and everywhere.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Don't see him much anymore, but he's still runnin' Legendary Island. If you think you're the strongest of 'em all, you oughta go there and say hi for me.

Galleon's Graveyard Key[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Did I ever tell you how I got this key? You see, one day I was attacked by a pirate ship!
  • Seaskipper Captain: But no ordinary ship, these pirates were undeads! I barely managed to fight them off.
  • Seaskipper Captain: The survivors managed to sail away, but not before I could grab this key from one of 'em!
  • Seaskipper Captain: I never found out what it opens, but it sounds too dangerous for me. Why don't you take it, and see where it leads?
  • [+1 Galleon's Graveyard Key]

Rare Potato Storage[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: You ev'r notice how ev'ry identifier is hidin' a stash of potatoes?
  • Seaskipper Captain: Well, I 'eard a story 'round the pub that there's a potato storage greater than all of the others combined.
  • Seaskipper Captain: They say it's hidden somewhere on an island, and that it houses Rare Potatoes, a type o' potato far more delicious than the regular kind.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Well, I ain't never seen any rare potatoes, but maybe you'll find that potato storage eventually!

Reset Scroll[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Ah, I almost forgot! Take this Reset Scroll! I doubt that I'll ever need one.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Seaskipper Captain: Some ol' man forgot it on my boat. He also forgot his bag. And 'is money. And clothes?
  • Seaskipper Captain: Hell, must be all of his belongings he left 'ere! But you take just the scroll. Why'd you need the bag and the clothes, and the emeralds...
  • Seaskipper Captain: Well, you gotta buy the Nemract Whiskey somehow, right? Ha ha!

Arrival Dialogues[edit | edit source]

  • Seaskipper Captain: Your adventure continues now! The sail is over, hope to see you around again soon!
  • Seaskipper Captain: It's been pleasant journey, my friend, but it's come to an end. We've arrived at your destination!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Hope you weren't falling asleep, we're almost at the destination. Been nice seeing ya!
  • Seaskipper Captain: I can see the shore off in the distance! Hang tight, we're almost there!
  • Seaskipper Captain: See that, on the horizon? That's where we're headed! Buckle up, we're increasing the speed!
  • Seaskipper Captain: Pack up your stuff! Our trip over the sea is almost over.
  • Seaskipper Captain: Hope you didn't get too salty while you were on board, we're about to reach the shore soon!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Seaskipper Captain" isn't his actual name. However, when revealing his name, he gets cut off by your arrival.
  • He's found at every available dock.
  • He has commentary on every Island you are travelling to.
  • You are the only person who ever listens to him, even though you apparently don't talk.
  • Apparently, he also enjoys drinking, and his favorite drink is Nemract Whiskey.
  • His father left everything to his brother except the boat, which is why he got into ferrying people.
  • He is a Bovemist.
  • The Greatest Treasure Hunt dialogue may be referencing to CraftedMovie's Misadventure on The Sea, in which the captain is Salted (A cow), and the main antagonist is Peppered - a mooshroom cow. One of the arrival dialogues might also be a reference to Salted's name.
  • The Ghost Merchants dialogue may be referencing the shout command, which lets players broadcast messages to all online players, no matter the distance or Wynncraft world. People often use this command to advertise and sell different items, such as weapons or armor.
  • The Jofash Captain dialogue could be a reference to Relend in the Fantastic Voyage quest based on the fact he always speaks in rhymes and he is looking for a treasure on Gateway Island.