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Security Bot N4T17
NPC Info
X: -1570 Z: -2875
Location Corkus City
Quest Involved The Envoy Part II

Security Bot N4T17 is the starter NPC for the quest The Envoy Part II. The bot prevents entrance to Maxie's house unless you have Maxie's House Key, which you can get by completing The Envoy Part I. Once the bot verifies the key, you will not need a new one to enter the house.


 Location   Corkus City   X   -1570  Y     Z   -2875  Wynncraft Map 

The bot is located next to Maxie's house, which is located opposite of the Powder Exchange and behind the Powder Master's house.


  • 'N4T17', is a reference to 'Natty', a Wynncraft GM and Builder.