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Sewer Trap NaturalIcon.png
Map Sewer Trap.png
Map of the Sewer Trap with underground area highlighted in red.
Coordinates X: -494, Z: -1618
Suggested Level 6
Involved Quests None
Type/Biomes Cave
Uses Farming


Emerald Trail
-494, -1618
Wynncraft Map

Once on the Emerald Trail go into the Potion Merchant's house and turn right and go down the ladder, in the basement there is a small room, when walking into it, you will trigger a trip wire which opens the floor below you. You are then trapped in a small room with one button. Press the button and the South wall will open. Now you are in the sewer.


Once inside, you will see three item frames to your right, one with crossed sticks, one with a Steve head, and the third with a health potion. There is no real meaning to these symbols. First the player must jump across a short parkour course. Falling will cause the player to fall onto the ground below, only to climb the vines at the beginning to try again. After the parkour the player will run into a crossroads, to the right you need a mage to get past, but nothing special is hidden. Four unique mobs will spawn, which the player will have to get past. Finally the player will have to climb up a steepened shaft of the sewer.


At the end of the sewer the player will find another button. Often, because not many players find the trap, one can find a Loot chest at the end. When pushed the wall will open to reveal a water elevator which the player must climb. The player will then end up in a small house on the South side of the Emerald Trail


Mutated Villager Lv. 3

Foul Bat Lv. 4

Mutant Zombie Lv. 5

Sludge Slinger Lv. 6