Wynncraft Wiki
NPC Info
X: -2164 Z: -5116
Location Sherk's Hut
Quest Involved The Maiden Tower

Sherk, wanting to rid his swamp of trolls, is tasked by the people of Llevigar to rescue a maiden that was cursed by a warlock many years ago. In his stead, Sherk asks the player to do his deed for him in The Maiden Tower.


  • The name Sherk is clearly an anagram for the famous movie cartoon character "Shrek". Many references to the movie exist around The Maiden Tower quest, such as:
    • Sherk is an ogre who supposedly has a donkey.
    • Sherk has an outhouse on a hill in the middle of the swamp, just like in the movie.
    • The quest itself is also modeled after the theme of Shrek.
  • Before getting his own skin, Sherk used to have a rainbow-like skin which was simply a skin template downloadable from the Minecraft Website.