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The Hero of Gavel
Allegiance Gavel Province
Information A famous hero from the Province of Corkus, who wielded a sword.
Did you hear the news? Siegfried just killed a bunch of Orc- Wait, you don't know who Siegfried is? He's a legendary hero, the Bob of Gavel! He's all over the newspaper!
~ Llevigar Citizen

Siegfried is an extremely popular celebrity hero, often compared to the Wynn hero Bob. He is well known in all sections of the province, from Ahmsord to the port of Llevigar, and has an enormous number of fans, some even in Corkus[1], who see him as a legend.

He is the subject of great adoration from the citizens of Gavel, and has entire shops dedicated to him, which sell Siegfried merchandise and Siegfried action figures. He has a collection of books which describe his "adventures," which are read by common folks all over Gavel.

"Siegfried" also appears in The Hero of Gavel, but this "Siegfried" reveals himself to be Gurix, a mere actor.

There is also a monument dedicated to Siegfried that is erected near Cinfras. The monument contains a Donation Box where you can donate an emerald to Siegfried, and a plaque telling of Siegfried's story. However, there is a hidden part of the monument, showing the truth of Siegfried.

Siegfried's Tales[]

Siegfried first arrived from the Corkus Province, presumably to help those in danger[2]. Immediately after arriving in Llevigar, a troll horde was attacking the city, overwhelming the guards. [3] However, Siegfried quickly arrived on his horse, and defeated all of the trolls, while not even taking a scratch. After the battle, Siegfried proudly stood upon the pile of corpses, and even had the time to pose for a picture[4].

Another famous tale of Siegfried was when he saved the city of Ahmsord from a dragon. While Ahmsord would have been in peril, Siegfried stepped in and protected it. The dragon, however, was a very fierce opponent, and shot fireballs at the city. Siegfried managed to deflect all but one of the them, but the one that he failed to deflect lead to part of the floor in Ahmsord being destroyed. The battle even cost Siegfried his right eye. However, the dragon was slain, saving Ahmsord. [5]

Many tales of Siegfried continue to arise, like how he saved the city of Gelibord from a pack of werewolves[6]. Even one of Siegfried's Books says that every Gavellian has their own tale to tell of Siegfried, even joking around about Bob not even having a widely-published book. [7]

The Reality of the Tales[]

In reality, there is very little credibility for Siegfried's tales, especially considering the fact that very little people witnessed the supposed battles. The battles in the Llevigar Plains would have been against the Orcs, not Trolls, there are very little dragons remaining, the only known few being Ozoth and Farcor, although Ozoth resides in the Canyon of the Lost atop its eponymous spire, and Farcor left the Ahms Region after its fracturing, disappointed by the greed of the Villagers, to never return since then. Even in the quest, The Hero of Gavel, the dangers in the cave, except the Endless Chasm, were actually traps set up by Siegfried Agents to look dangerous, while in reality being almost harmless.

As for Siegfried himself, there was never one Siegfried. There were actually many throughout Gavel's history, and while the first few Siegfrieds might have actually done heroic deeds, the later ones would just serve as actors to promote false stories.

The Siegfried Foundation[]

The Siegfried Foundation is an organization dedicated to showcasing the heroic deeds of Siegfried, and seems to be lead by greedy people. They sell artificially inflated items that resemble some of Siegfried's travels, promoting scavenger hunts that grant the best chances of winning if you end up paying 3 LE, and promote fake stories so that way more items can be sold.

It presumably was founded when some Villagers found a way to capitalize on the success of Siegfried. Currently, it is lead by a person called Yksi, the Director of the Siegfried Foundation.

Siegfried Merchandise[]

Siegfried Fan Item Merchants can be found across Gavel in multiple cities, selling a variety of Siegfried-related merchandise for extremely high prices.


  • 3 Siegfried Cookies:
    128 Emeralds

  • Siegfried Mug*:
    2048 Emeralds


  • Siegfried's Sword:
    320 Emeralds

  • Siegfried Mask*:
    4096 Emeralds

Collector Merchant[]

This merchant can be found in the Letvus Airbase next to the Art Merchant. It will buy Siegfried items from you.

  • Emerald Block:
    3 Siegfried Cookies

  • 15 Emerald Blocks:
    Dragon's Tooth

  • Liquid Emerald:
    Siegfried's Autograph


  • Siegfried Savior Doll:
    4096 Emeralds


  • Dragon's Tooth:
    1280 Emeralds

  • Siegfried Diary Collection:
    2048 Emeralds

  • Siegfried's Autograph*:
    6144 Emeralds

*This item is a part of the Limited Siegfried Collection, a set of items needed to progress in The Hero of Gavel.


  • Siegfried’s story shares various similarities to the titular protagonist also named Siegfried of Die Nebelungen: Siegfried, an Austrian silent film. The most evident of parallels is that Siegfried in the movie slays a dragon much like Wynncraft Siegfried.
  • In Cinfras, a building to the south exit can be seen, and it is called the Siegfried Office, the headquarters of the Siegfried Foundation.
  • Some people actually don't believe in the legends of Siegfried in Gavel. [8]
  • A piece of Siegfried Merchandise that would have been sold was an animated Siegfried Figurine, but it was not sold in Cinfras due to the heads being stolen.