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Skill Reset Scroll

Item Paper
Type Scroll
Obtain Skill Reset Scroll Merchant
Usage Resetting Skill Points

The Skill Reset Scroll is a scroll used to reset all the user's skills back to zero, so the player can redo their Skill Point allocation differently than what they had. Skill Reset Scrolls are bought from Skill Reset Scroll Merchant, for 6 Emerald Blocks, in the Tower of Amnesia once the player gains access to the tower after completing Recover the Past.

How It's Obtained[]

The "Skill Reset Scroll" is obtained by buying it from the Skill Reset Merchant for 6 Emerald Blocks or from riding the V.S.S. Seaskipper.

Other Options[]

Since the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update, the player can now reset their skills for two Soul Points from their compass. This is done by clicking the yellow arrows that point in a circle. Because of that the Skill Reset Scroll is now rarely bought. The only commonplace use for it currently is for switching builds quickly without having to spend the 2 Soul Points.