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Solar Vanguard
Level 120
Health 600000 (2 phases)
AI Type Melee AI
Abilities Flamethrower, Pull, Charge, Meteor, Explosion, Searing Ground, Magma Pillar
Elemental Properties
Weakness Water
Damage Fire Thunder
Defense Fire Air Thunder

Solar Vanguard is the final boss of the Fire Division in The Qira Hive, and the last mob of the five divisions that needs to be defeated to gain an audience with Qira.


It uses flamethrower, meteor, and explosion spells to damage the player, and pull and charge spells if the player gets too far away. Its two phases are very similar, with only a slight change in the spells it uses. It does not have any boss minions. It also possesses two unique spells.

Upcoming Content
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Searing Ground[]

A quarter of the arena will be enflamed after the first hit has been dealt to the Solar Vanguard. If you are caught within the enflamed area, 1500 Fire Damage and 3% of your Max HP will be dealt as damage to you per second. After 15 seconds, the effect will transfer to the next quarter, telegraphed by the next quarter flaring up with particles and making a noise. The quarters are based on the circles on the ground, rather than actual quarters. Once the 2nd phase has been started, the spots will change every 10 seconds instead of 15. Once the second phase is at 50% HP, half of the arena will be enflamed instead of only a quarter.

Magma Pillar[]

At certain Health Thresholds for each phase, the player's location and two other spots on the arena will be marked. Once 3 seconds have passed after the spots have been marked, a massive pillar of lava will shoot up from the ground every 3 seconds, dealing 9000 Fire Damage and 15% of your Max HP as damage per second while caught in the magma. You can also be hit instantly when it starts, meaning you can be hit 4 times by the attack.

The Health Thresholds for when this attack triggers are as follows:

    • Phase 1
      • 85%
      • 70%
      • 55%
      • 40%
      • 30%
      • 20%
      • 10%
    • Phase 2
      • 90%
      • 80%
      • 70%
      • 60%
      • 50%
      • 40%
      • 35%
      • 30%
      • 25%
      • 20%
      • 15%
      • 10%
      • 8%
      • 6%
      • 4%
      • 2%
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