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Someone Else's Knife

Item Information
Item Dagger
Min. Level 19
Rarity Rare
Class Assassin/Ninja
Obtain Loot Chests Only
Attack Speed Normal (0)
Base Damage
Neutral 32-40

Someone Else's Knife is a level 19 rare dagger, only found in Loot Chests. It deals high neutral damage for its level, but this comes at a cost of regeneration, with penalties to both health and Soul Points regen.


It costs 38 Emeralds to identify Someone Else's Knife.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Health Regen   -6%  -10%
 XP Bonus   +3%  +13%
 Soul Point Regen   -4%  -6%
  Main Attack Neutral Damage   +7  +30