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Soul Points can be found in the far right space in your hot bar. They represent the number of lives your character has.

Losing Soul Points

The death message

Every time you die, you will lose 2 Soul Points. You will then respawn, with your inventory, in the closest major city to where you died. Note: You will only respawn in cities that you have visited at least once before.

You will also lose 1 Soul Point when using a Teleportation Scroll to teleport to a city. If using a long-distance teleport scroll to change province (changing between Wynn Province and Gavel Province, for example), then 2 soul points would be lost.

If your soul meter reaches zero (ie, you die when you have only 1 or 2 Soul Points), then you will drop all of your items upon death. You will then respawn in the nearest city which you have visited, with the starter kit. Note: For 20 seconds only you will be able to pick up your dropped items, but due to chunk loading glitches they'll most likely despawn immediately.

If you die in the Nether, you won't lose any Soul Points.

Gaining Soul Points

You will receive 1 Soul Point at the dawn of each Minecraft day (20 minutes per day/night cycle). You can earn a maximum of 10 Soul Points at the beginning of a class. Once you reach Levels 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75, you Soul Point cap will increase by 1 up to a max of 15.

After the 1.13 Wynnter update you can earn soul points while not actually playing.

Maximum Soul Points

Your maximum number of Soul Points depends on your current level:

Level Range Max SP
1-14 10
15-29 11
30-44 12
45-59 13
60-74 14
75 15


  • As of the 1.12 update, Soul Points are unable to be bought for Gold Coins. (They were buyable for GC before 1.12)
  • Before 1.12, VIPs got a 15 Soul Points cap.
  • When 1.12 was released, all current VIPs got a Veteran tag, and a permanent 15 soul point cap on all classes.