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Table structure:

  • name - String
  • image - String
  • location - String
  • xcoordinate - List of Integer
  • zcoordinate - List of Integer
  • questinvolved - String

This table has 522 rows altogether.

Page name image location xcoordinate zcoordinate questinvolved
??? (A Hunter's Calling) ??? [[File:AHunter'sCallingStartNPC.png|200px]] [[Portal to Dern]] 1,320 -417 [[A Hunter's Calling]]
Abandoned Drill Abandoned Drill [[File:AbandonedDrill.png|300px]] [[Olmic Cathedral]] 585 -457 [[The Olmic Rune]]
Achper Achper [[file:Achper.png|200px]] [[Almuj]] 872 -1,932 [[Wrath of the Mummy]]
Adigard Adigard [[File:Adigard.png|200px]] [[Ice Islands]] 806 -3,353 [[Ice Nations]]
Adventuring Mage Adventuring Mage [[File:AdventuringMage.png|200px]] [[Nether Portal]] 297 -1,231 [[Studying the Corrupt]]
Agent Agent [[File:Agent(Appearance1).png|200px]] [[Llevigar Plains]] -2,122 -4,887 [[Star Thief]]
Ahmas Ahmas [[File:Ahmas.png|200px]] [[Olux Swamp]] -1,494 -5,359 [[Reclaiming the House]]
Aledar Aledar [[File:Aledar(AJourneyBeyond).png|260px]] [[Detlas]] [[King's Recruit]], [[A Journey Beyond]], [[A Journey Further]], [[A Hunter's Calling]]
Alem Alem [[File:Alem.png|200px]] Behind [[The House of Twain (Location)|The House of Twain]] 158 -373 [[A Grave Mistake]]
Alem Alem (Festival of the Blizzard) [[File:Alem(FestivaloftheBlizzard).png|200px]] [[Detlas]] 419 -1,622
Alice Alice [[File:Alice.png|175px]] [[Detlas]] 478 -1,603 [[Creeper Infiltration]]
Almuj Bank Guard Almuj Bank Guard [[file:AlmujBankGuard.png|300px]] [[Almuj]] 976 -1,963 [[A Sandy Scandal]]
Almuj Banker Almuj Banker [[File:Almuj Banker.png|200px]] [[Almuj's Emerald Labyrinth]] 1,019 -1,976 [[Jungle Fever]]
Almuj Citizen Almuj Citizen [[File:AlmujCitizen(QuestNPC).png|200px]] [[Almuj]] 940 -2,020 [[A Sandy Scandal]]
Aluxander Aluxander [[File:Aluxander2.png|200px]] [[The Realm of Light (Location)|Realm of Light]] -1,169 -6,758 [[The Realm of Light (Quest)|The Realm of Light]]
Amadel Amadel [[file:WynnExcavationLeaderAmadel(NPC).png|260px]] [[WynnExcavation Site C]], [[Dernel Jungle]], [[WynnExcavation Site D]] [[WynnExcavation Site C]], [[WynnExcavation Site D]], [[A Hunter's Calling]]
Amadel's Assistant Amadel's Assistant [[File:Amadel'sAssistant.png|200px]] [[Ancient City]] -4,130 -369 [[WynnExcavation Site D]]
Amerigo Amerigo [[File:Amerigo.png|200px]] [[Almuj]] 978 -1,972 [[The Mercenary]]
Amira Damien [[File:Amira.png|200px]] [[Lexdale]] -605 -5,444 [[Finding The Light]]
Anast Anast [[File:Anast.png|200px]] [[Olux]] -1,834 -5,557 [[Crop Failure]]
Ankou Ankou [[File:Ankou.png|200px]] [[Tower of Ascension (Location)|Tower of Ascension]] -350 -389 [[Tower of Ascension (Quest)|Tower of Ascension]]
Ansei Ansei [[File:Ansei.png|200px]] [[Canyon of the Lost]] 479 -4,348 [[The Lost]]
Ardulf Ardulf [[File:Ardulf.png|200px]] Hidden house near [[Eltom]] 1,014 -5,643 [[The Hidden City]]
Argus Argus [[File:Argus.png|200px]] [[Pirate Cove]] -658 -3,153 [[Redbeard's Booty]]
Ario Ario [[File:Ario.png|200px]] [[Wynnter Fair]] -643 15,368 [[Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)]]
Ariodo Ariodo [[File:Ariodo.png|200px]] [[Ariodo's Lab]] -850 -719 [[Out of My Mind]]
Arnod Arnod [[File:Arnod.png|200px]] [[Pre-Light Forest]] -1,366 -4,541 [[From the Mountains]]
Arwes Arwes [[File:Arwes.png|200px]] Ruined Cathedral -683 -5,347 [[Eye of the Storm]]
Aryn Aryn [[File:NPC Aryn.png|200px]] [[Dernel Jungle]] Temple [[Lost in the Jungle]]
Arzul Arzul [[File:Arzul.png|200px]] [[Coalition Base]] 1,852 5,232
Asher Asher [[File:Asher.png|200px]] [[Time Valley]] -450 -1,143 [[Deja Vu]]
Asher Asher (Festival of the Blizzard) [[File:Asher(FestivaloftheBlizzard).png|200px]] [[Detlas]] 492 -1,587
Aster Aster [[File:Aster.png|256px]] [[Detlas]] 461 -1,582
Atisun Atisun [[File:Atisun.png|200px]] [[Caritat Mansion]] -1,191 -5,197 [[Memory Paranoia]]
Ava Ava [[File:Ava.png|200px]] [[Corkus Province]] 17,250 13,500 [[The Feathers Fly Part I]], [[The Feathers Fly Part II]]
Ava Ava (Ava's Workshop) [[File:Ava(FestivaloftheBlizzard,AvasWorkshop).png|200px]] [[Avos Territory]] 17,084 13,503
Ava Ava (Detlas) [[File:Ava(FestivaloftheBlizzard,Detlas).png|200px]] [[Detlas]] 432 -1,623
Avos Chief Avos Chief [[File:AvosChief.png|200px]] [[Avos Territory]] -1,811 -3,063 [[The Envoy Part II]]
Axelus Axelus [[File:Axelus.png|300px]] [[Molten Heights]] 1,868 -5,241 [[Dwarves and Doguns Part I]], [[Dwarves and Doguns Part II]], [[Dwarves and Doguns Part IV]], [[From the Mountains]]
Bandit (NPC) Bandit [[File:Bandit(NPC).png|200px]] [[Mummy's Tomb]] 1,048 -2,299 [[Wrath of the Mummy]]
Bandit Boss Bandit Boss [[File:BanditBoss.png|200px]] [[Mesa]], [[Desert of Almuj|Desert]] 1,307 -1,644 [[Kingdom of Sand]]
Bandit Leader Bandit Leader [[File:BanditLeader.png|200px]] [[Almuj]] 1,525 -1,982 [[A Sandy Scandal]]
Banker Banker [[File:TheBankerUpdated.png|200px]] [[Bank]] of [[Detlas]] 500 -1,562 [[Jungle Fever]]
Barden Barden [[File:Barden.png|200px]] [[Coalition Base]] 1,874 -5,237 [[Dwarves and Doguns Part I]]
Barman Barman [[File:Barman.png|200px]] [[Nemract]] 119 -2,173 [[Misadventure on the Sea]]
Batelu Batelu [[File:Batelu.png|200px]] [[Bob's Tomb]] 372 -774 [[Reincarnation]]
Black Market Guard Black Market Guard [[File:BlackMarketGuard.png|200px]] [[Black Market]] -93 -6,081 [[Acquiring Credentials]]
Blacksmith Dren Blacksmith Dren [[File:BlacksmithDren.png|200px]] [[Black Road]] 714 -1,446 [[A Journey Beyond]]
Boat Captain Boat Captain [[File:BoatCaptain.png|200px]] [[Mage Island]] 904 -2,764 [[The Order of the Grook]]
Bonfire Tender Bonfire Tender [[File:BonfireTender(MageHat).png|256px]] [[Detlas]] 469 -1,575
Bricot Bricot [[File:Bricot.png|200px]] [[Gylia Plains]] 65 -4,843 [[Fallen Delivery]]
Brie Brie [[File:Brie.png|200px]] [[Ahmsord]] 901 -4,257 [[Recipe for Disaster]]
Buendo Buendo [[File:Buendo.png|200px]] [[Troms]] -802 -903 [[Out of My Mind]]
Bugabo Bugabo [[File:Bugabo.png|200px]] [[Karoc Quarry]] -1,612 -4,550 [[Rise of the Quartron]]
Bulbo Bulbo [[File:Bulbo.png]] [[Bulbo's House]] -943 -4,518 [[Lord of the Clock]]
Burtur Burtur [[File:Burtur.png|200px]] [[Gelibord]] -979 -5,304 [[Lazarus Pit]]
Bylvis Bylvis [[file:BylvisUpdated.png|200px]] [[Katoa Ranch]] -793 -1,889 [[Tunnel Trouble]]
C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain [[File:CSSWavebreakerCaptain.png|200px]] [[Selchar]] and [[Corkus]] 153 -1,371 -7,120 -3,111 -2,948 -1,411
Caissop Caissop [[File:Caissop.png|200px]] [[Olux Swamp]] -1,801 -5,189 [[Master Piece]]
Caissop Caissop (Festival of the Blizzard) [[File:Caissop(FestivaloftheBlizzard).png|200px]] [[Detlas]] 443 -1,617
Calamaro Calamaro [[file:Calamaro.png|200px]] [[Squid Village]] 225 -743 [[Underice]]
Calo Calo [[File:Calo.png|200px]] [[Cinfras]] and [[Detlas]] -204 416 -4,920 -1,516 [[Flight in Distress]]
Captain Ackbar Captain Ackbar [[File:Captainackbar.png|200px]] The Airship -787 -785 -1,653 -1,658 -854 -2,346 -856 -9,670 -8,591 -10,181 -10,681 -10,388 -9,206 -10,744 [[Flight in Distress]]
Captain Enduyn Captain Enduyn [[File:CaptainEnduyn.png|200px]] [[Infested Pit]] -192 -1,822 [[Arachnid's Ascent]]
Captain Fenor Captain Fenor [[File:CaptainFenor.png|200px]] West of [[Detlas]] 379 -1,570 [[Tunnel Trouble]]
Captain Kymer Captain Kymer [[File:CaptainKymer.png|200px]] [[Llevigar Plains]] -1,991 -4,658 [[Clearing the Camps]]
Captain Lorias Captain Lorias [[File:Captain_Lorias.png|200px]] [[Cinfras Suburbs]] -601 -4,963 [[Murder Mystery]]
Captain Olof Captain Olof [[File:CaptainOlof.png|200px]] Submarine, Void Islands 12,324 11,660 11,559 -3,413 -3,838 -3,451 [[One Thousand Meters Under]]
Captured Gert Captured Gert [[File:CapturedGert.png|200px]] Battery Farm -1,029 -7,860 [[The Hunger of Gerts Part 2]]
Captured Prisoner Captured Prisoner [[File:CapturedPrisoner.png|200px]] [[Pirate Queen's Airship]] -513 -10,701 [[Flight in Distress]]
Caras Caras [[file:CarasNPC.png|200px]] [[Mesa]] 1,077 -1,613 [[Tribal Aggression]]
Caravan Driver Caravan Driver [[File:CaravanDriver.png|200px]] [[Ragni Outskirts]] -1,012 -1,657 [[King's Recruit]]
Celuuse Celuuse [[File:Celuuse.png|200px]] [[Void Village]] 14,047 -4,205 [[One Thousand Meters Under]]
Ceyquin Ceyquin [[File:Ceyquin.png|200px]] [[Lexdale]] -611 -5,458 [[Eye of the Storm]]
Charlie Charlie [[File:Charlie.png|200px]] [[Cinfras (City)|Cinfras]] -448 -4,840 [[Finding The Light]]
Cheese Merchant Cheese Merchant [[Ahmsord]] 1,109 -4,535
Chef Hamsey Chef Hamsey [[File:ChefHamsey.png|200px]] Ahmsord 949 916 857 -4,475 -4,273 -4,274 [[Recipe for Disaster]]
Chief Excavator Dranfor Chief Excavator Dranfor [[File:Chief Excavator Dranfor.png|400px]] [[Volcanic Isles]] 2,021 -2,159 [[WynnExcavation Site C]]
Chilye Chilye [[File:Chilye2.png|200px]] [[Almuj]] 947 -2,025 [[Drought Sand]]
Cidre Cidre [[File:Cidre.png|200px]] [[Grookwarts]] 6,710 4,444 [[The Order of the Grook]]
Cikal Cikal [[File:Cikal.png|200px]] Gylia Watch Tower -34 -5,413 [[The Hunger of Gerts Part I]]
Cinfras (NPC) Cinfras [[File:Cinfras.png|200px]] [[Dead Island]] 770 -3,880 [[Haven Antiquity]]
Citizen Ahmsord Citizen [[File:AhmsordCitizen.png|200px]] [[Ahmsord]]
Citizen Almuj Citizen [[File:AlmujCitizen(NonQuestNPC).png|200px]] [[Almuj]]
Citizen Almuj Slums Citizen [[File:AlmujSlumsCitizen.png|200px]] [[Almuj#Areas | Almuj Slums]]
Citizen Avos Citizen [[File:AvosCitizen.png|200px]] [[Avos Territory]]
Citizen Balloon Captain [[File:BalloonCaptain.png|200px]] [[Corkus City#Buildings|Corkus Palace]]
Citizen Balloon Captain [[File:BalloonCaptain.png|200px]] [[Kandon-Beda]]
Citizen Bucie Citizen [[File:BucieCitizen.png|200px]] [[Bucie]]
Citizen Cinfras Citizen [[File:CinfrasCitizen(Pair).png|200px]] [[Cinfras (City)|Cinfras]]
Citizen Cinfras Citizen [[File:CinfrasCitizen.png|200px]] [[Cinfras (City)|Cinfras]]
Citizen Corkus Citizen [[File:CorkusCitizen.png|200px]] [[Corkus City]]
Citizen Corkus Guard [[File:CorkusGuard.png|200px]] [[Corkus City#Buildings|Corkus Palace]]
Citizen Corrupted Townsperson [[File:CorVillCitizen.png|200px]] [[Corrupted Village]]
Citizen Cow Citizen [[File:CowCitizen.png|200px]] [[Cow Village]]
Citizen Crane Mechanic [[File:CraneMechanic.png|200px]] [[Ahmsord]]
Citizen Detlas Citizen [[File:DetlasCitizen.png|200px]] [[Detlas]]
Citizen Dr. Legendary [[File:Dr.Legendary.png|200px]] [[Legendary Island]]
Citizen Eagle Tribesman [[File:EagleCitizen.png|200px]] [[Eagle Tribe]]
Citizen Gelibord Citizen [[File:GelibordCitizen.png|200px]] [[Gelibord]]