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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.14.1 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Spider Dungeon DungeonIcon.png
Coordinates X: -171, Z: -1820
Suggested Level 18
Monsters Dungeon Spider Level 18
Dungeon Cave Spider Level 8
Boss Arakadicus
Battle 65
Puzzle 10
Parkour 25

This dungeon has been reworked in the Gameplay Update and is now called Infested Pit.


The Spider dungeon is the 2nd level dungeon, with the recommended level being 18, however the player should not attempt to solo the dungeon until they are at least level 30. Level 18 Dungeon Spiders and Level 8 Dungeon Cave Spiders spawn within the dungeon. The level 18 spiders are meant to damage the player, however the level 8 ones are there just to harass the player. Patches of cobwebs are scattered all over the dungeon, so the player must be careful to not fall into one of them.

This dungeon is the nightmare of any person with arachnophobia. This giant hole is filled with spiders, big and small, and is likely the cause of the large spider population in the Nivla Woods. Deep within you can find the nest of Arakadicus, a very powerful spider.

- WynnCraft Help Guide


Phase 1[]


The first phase consists purely of battle. The player will be confronted with level 14 and 8 Dungeon spiders. This section has a tree root growing through the cave the player must avoid.

Phase 2[]


This phase combines battle, parkour and puzzle. The player must battle Dungeon spiders while finding a way to get to the cave's upper part, accessed via a rising on the far right side of the cave. Once there, the player has to do a short parkour course. Dungeon spiders sometimes spawn on the platforms, so the player must be cautious so they don't get killed or knocked off.

Phase 3[]


The third phase combines battle with a bit of puzzle. A wall of web blocks the cave, so the player has to find a way through it. The web has a small opening the player has to go through. The player must then take a turn to the left and to the right. Dungeon spiders spawn withing the web, so the player must be careful not to get themselves knocked into the web, as it's very difficult to break free and not get killed.

Phase 4[]


The fourth phase combines battle and parkour, as the player has to head to the upper part of the cave. The player has to climb a rising on the far left side of the cave while battling Dungeon spiders. The player has to be cautious again, as spiders can spawn anywhere within the cave. Once on the top the player has to jump over a small hole. One Dungeon spider usually spawns on one of the ledges, so it's suggested to kill the spider before jumping.

Phase 5[]


The fifth phase combines battle and parkour once again, as the player has to jump over several deep holes. Spiders spawn all over this part, so the player must be cautious. The boss room is located in the last part of this phase.

Boss Phase[]

The boss is Arakadicus, level 25 spider with 1105 points of health. Level 1 Arakadicus' spawn spiders are located within the boss room, so it's suggested to kill them before taking on Arakadicus, as they inflict relatively large damage. Arakadicus has an ability where he spawns cobwebs at the feet of the players, slowing them until the cobwebs despawn.


Video Walkthrough[]

NOTE: The player in this walkthrough is a HIGH LEVEL, and makes combat more simple. If you are attempting this dungeon at level 9-20, be careful as mobs will be harder to kill and have more hp.