Stave of the Legends

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Stave of the Legends

Item Information
Item Wand
Min. Level 70
Rarity Legendary
Class Mage/Dark Wizzard
Powder Slots 2 ()
Obtain Mob Drop
Attack Speed Normal (0)
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Neutral 50-70
Earth 15-35
Thunder 5-45
Water 20-30
Fire 10-40

The Stave of the Legends is one of the 3 items that can be dropped by the Grand Magus, the boss of Arena of the Legends boss altar.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

It costs 99 Emeralds to identify the Stave of the Legends.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Mana Regen   +1/4s  +3/4s
 Spell Damage   +6%  +26%
 Strength   ~  +10
 Dexterity   ~  +10
 Intelligence   ~  +10
 Defense   ~  +10
  Fire Defense   +8%  +32%
  Water Defense   +8%  +32%
  Thunder Defense   +8%  +32%
  Earth Defense   +8%  +32%

Lore[edit | edit source]

"Crafted exclusively by the Temple of the Legends' mages, this stave is honorary to Mages who beat the Temple's Grand Magus."