Stave of the Legends

Item Information
Item Wand
Min. Level 70
Rarity Legendary
Class Mage/Dark Wizzard
Powder Slots 2 ( Powder Slot.png Powder Slot.png)
Obtain Mob Drop
Attack Speed Normal (0)
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Neutral 50-70
Earth 15-35
Thunder 5-45
Water 20-30
Fire 10-40

The Stave of the Legends is one of the 3 items that can be dropped by the Grand Magus, the boss of Arena of the Legends boss altar.


It costs 99 Emeralds to identify the Stave of the Legends.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Mana Regen   +1/4s  +3/4s
 Spell Damage   +6%  +26%
 Strength   ~  +10
 Dexterity   ~  +10
 Intelligence   ~  +10
 Defense   ~  +10
  Fire Defense   +8%  +32%
  Water Defense   +8%  +32%
  Thunder Defense   +8%  +32%
  Earth Defense   +8%  +32%


"Crafted exclusively by the Temple of the Legends' mages, this stave is honorary to Mages who beat the Temple's Grand Magus."

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