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Studying the Corrupt
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Lost Sanctuary
Province Wynn
Combat Level 21
Starter NPC Pottur
Reward As follows:

Studying the Corrupt is a medium level 21 quest centered around the Lost Sanctuary Dungeon and the story of Garoth.


Pottur, Dumble and Dure have the mission to get to Garoth inside the Lost Sanctuary, but they are not able to open the dungeon. Therefore, Pottur asks you to help them to find out Garoth's story in order to understand the magic that blocks the entrance of the dungeon.

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Stage 1[]

» Something is going on at the big bridge near Time Valley. Go over there and see what's happening. [-258, 80, -1046]

Sanctuary Bridge
-258, 80, -1046
Wynncraft Map


  • Pottur: Stop, Stop, Stop!
  • Pottur: This isn’t working. Great, now a Ragni soldier is here for a progress report.
  • Pottur: Soldier, we haven't made any progress getting to Garoth.
  • Pottur: Truth is, we simply don't know enough about him to know how to deal with this.
  • Pottur: Maybe if you could help us find out more we could figure this out.
  • Pottur: Garoth, many years ago lived and studied in Elkurn. It might be a good place to start.

Stage 2[]

» Head to Elkurn and see if any of the townsfolk know anything about Garoth's old study area.

5, 75, -1146
Wynncraft Map


  • Viraex: Garoth? Sorry that name doesn't ring a bell. He could have lived here, but...
  • Viraex: The buildings here have been destroyed and rebuilt so many times.
  • Viraex: If you say he lived here many years ago, the oldest building is the church.
  • Viraex: Now that you mention it, there were odd stories about the basement of the church.
  • Viraex: My grandfather told me about it. I still have a key to the place, you are welcome to check it out for yourself.
  • Viraex: I heard they found some weird rooms down there so they just left the place alone. Wise move, if you ask me.

Stage 3[]

» Investigate the old underground area, under the church to the north at [-9, 72, -1237]

  • [-1 Old Basement Key]
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
UndeadNobleWarrior.png Undead Noble Warrior 24 112 Melee AI - - - Church Basement
AngryBovemistSpirit.png Angry Bovemist Spirit 22 92 Melee AI - - - Church Basement


  • Garoth's Journal: Day 4: The year is 623 AP. My base of operations has been completed, along with a safety bunker.
  • Garoth's Journal: Day 18: It's become extremely dangerous to continue my studies. With the Twains gone, the corrupt run wild.
  • Garoth's Journal: Day 53: My studies have yielded poor results. I know only what we already knew.
  • Garoth's Journal: That simple creatures become enraged and corrupt, the fallen both old and new will rise near corruption.
  • Garoth's Journal: Day 91: My studies have hit a wall. I know from my extended stay that humans will not corrupt through proximity or touch.
  • Garoth's Journal: The corruption seems to affect everything differently. Land, animal, human, mind. It's incomprehensible.
  • Garoth's Journal: Day 147: I fear there is nothing else to do but study the portal entrance for myself.
  • Garoth's Journal: If there is a "cure" I'm sure it will have something to do with understanding the portal.
  • Garoth's Journal: I leave this journal in the hopes that it will be found and help those understand this plight better than I. Though I admit, my information is not helpful.
  • Garoth's Journal: The corruption acts independently and without intelligence. It does not think, it simply does. It's like an idea, a concept. An idea is something that can not be destroyed.
  • The book shows a small map of the Nether Portal and the surrounding area, along with a big red ''X'' at one of the caves in the south area closest to Elkurn.

Stage 4[]

» Search around the south side of the Nether Portal for the old camp. The X on the map marked near [297, 40, -1223]

Roots of Corruption
297, 40, -1230
Wynncraft Map


  • Adventuring Mage: What business does a Ragni soldier have here? These are restricted grounds!
  • Adventuring Mage: Finding Garoth's old camp? Yes, it's been said to be around here, but it's old, and the entrance has probably fallen apart.
  • Adventuring Mage: How about you look around here, it should be very near, and when you have found it, I'll help you open it!
Roots of Corruption
305, 44, -1212
Wynncraft Map
  • It seems like this cave entrance has been blocked... What can be done to open it...?


  • Adventuring Mage: *Mumbling* ... Hey what are you doing here! This is off limits!
  • Adventuring Mage: Right, finding Garoth's old camp...
  • Adventuring Mage: You say the blocked off entrance is over there?
  • Adventuring Mage: I doubt you'd be able to move it with any spell you know.
  • Adventuring Mage: Well, allow me to assist.
  • Adventuring Mage: The spells around here have to be a bit stronger to deal with the... Well, you know.
  • Adventuring Mage: Wait for it...
  • Adventuring Mage: And there you go. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Get out of here as soon as you’re done.
Garoth's Old Camp
20569, 49, 9752


  • Garoth's Note: This... was a mistake. Beyond the portal holds no answers.
  • Garoth's Note: I can feel my mind slipping through my very mindscape, I fear this may be my very last entry.
  • You visualize Garoth's next few words...

  • Garoth's Note: As I studied the portal closely, I found myself staring for hours, longing to enter. Just as I forced myself to leave.. I was pushed.
  • His final notes...

  • Dried stains of red can be seen on the page...

  • Garoth's Note: Briefly.. I saw beyond. I do not have the words to describe... Cold yet searing. Land plagued by war and disease, and then I saw... it.

Stage 5[]

» Bring the acquired knowledge regarding the spell used for the sanctuary sealing back to the mages at the sanctuary bridge.



  • Pottur: Hey, youngling over there! Do you have anything of use to us yet? Come talk to me if you do!
  • Pottur: Welcome back soldier. Still no luck here I'm afraid. Did you find out anything about Garoth's past?
  • Pottur: ... I see. We had no idea he was corrupted. We didn't even consider that for a second!
  • Pottur: Well if that's the case it might just be a simple case of...
  • Pottur: Success!
  • Pottur: I can't believe it was that simple. Magic can be like forcing a square into a circle, you just got to change your tact. Thanks for your help soldier.


  • If the Adventuring Mage is not spawning, try relogging and/or re-entering the area around the dungeon entrance.


  • Pottur, Dumble and Dure are references to the Harry Potter franchise. More specifically, Pottur is a reference to Harry's last name and Dumble and Dure are references to Albus Dumbledore.