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NPC Info
X: 1352 Z: -1300
Location Rymek
Quest Involved Canyon Condor

Svin is an NPC who can be found on a small boat in Eastern Rymek. He is actually one of the Keepers of the Temple of Legends near Troms, who has come to Rymek chasing a legend.

He begins and ends the Canyon Condor quest, in which he asks that you return a Beast Egg to him.


1352, 30, -1300
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Svin can be found in a small boat on the Eastern side of Rymek in the Mesa.


After Quest[]

  • Svin: I hope you have learned much from your adventures, courageous traveler!

Festival of the Heroes[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Heroes.

First Dialogue:

  • Svin: Ah, hello there, traveler. Has the thought of hearing legends from provincial heroes drawn you here?
  • Svin: It certainly has brought me here! Although the Temple of the Legends holds these stories as well, new perspectives are interesting.
  • Svin: Though, I fear my time in the mesa has given me a fierce sunburn. I'll have to stay inside until the performances begin.

Following Conversations:

  • Svin: Perhaps I should see someone about this. I know there are many medicinal plants to soothe the skin...
  • Svin: But you don't really care about that, do you? You seem like you want to talk of other things.
  • [1] "What heroes are being celebrated here?"
    • Svin: Quite the variety. Storied generals from all the towns, of course there's Bob, and that Siegfried character from Gavel...
    • Svin: I'm surprised that Tisaun received recognition here. Since he was a casuality of Skien's mutiny, he isn't often talked about.
    • Svin: It's a bit of an albatross around the Tromsi military's neck, really... Every single one of the soldiers that were killed in the army at that time either abandoned post, or was killed.
    • Svin: Regardless, another surprise is that up-and-comer, Ragnar. I haven't seen hide nor hair of him, and no one was speaking of him. I though he was doing a lot of good!
  • [2] "What legends do you normally tell?"
    • Svin: It would be better to ask what legends I don't tell, honestly! Oh, have you heard of the legend of the Matryoshka Idol?
    • Svin: It is some kind of ancient Iboju construct, designed for a ritual combat ceremony. Blessed by ten separate nature spirits, it was.
    • Svin: Each idol was carved around the previous one, and as such it's combat potential was considered insurmountable! Until the corruption came forth, of course.
    • Svin: The idol went haywire, and it was entombed in the combat chamber of the ancient Iboju library. It is still heavily guarded to this day!
  • [3] "Do you have any stories about Siegfried?"
    • Svin: Ah, yes. I have been approached by many people asking me about the "Gavellian Bob" of today, but alas- I do not.
    • Svin: Nothing but hearsay. Unsubstantiated rumors and book deals, strangely enough. Bob certainly never signed for sponsors!
    • Svin: He has not been properly inducted as a Legend, though I hope he will appear at this festival so I may perhaps ask him of this.
  • [4] "Actually, about your sunburn..."
    • Svin: Oh, really? I wouldn't have expected a Ragni soldier to know how to treat sunburns.
    • Svin: So what is it you suggest? There are many plants in the jungle for this sort of thing, I know...
    • [1] "Try to bathe in cold water, in addition to the herbs."
      • Svin: Oh, yes... My mother once tried that. She said it was uncomfortable but effective.
      • Svin: Is there a bath house nearby, though? In a city this big, there surely must be, but I do not come here often.
    • [2] "Have you considered pain-relieving medicine, too?"
      • Svin: Ah, you meant for the symptoms, rather than the burns themselves. I suppose that makes sense.
      • Svin: Perhaps I will have to make a trip to the potion merchant- they do sell more than just simply healing potions, you know.
    • [3] "You should cover up a bit more so the burns don't get worse."
      • Svin: Yes, that's sensible. I figured the head wrapping would be enough, but the sun is cruel.
      • Svin: It isn't nearly as intense here, so that should work, I think! Thank you for the advice.
    • [4] "Rub some moon dust on it. You know, from the moon."
      • Svin: Come to think of it... The moon is often written of as the sun's opposite... You may just have a point!
      • Svin: However, I wonder if we have a ladder long enough to reach the moon? Maybe if we tie many of them together?
    • [5] "Wouldn't ice help cool the skin down pretty well?"
      • Svin: You know, that tracks. After all, the burns feel rather hot to the touch. Ice would cool me down well...
      • Svin: But if I take the walk to Nesaak, I may miss the festivities, and I don't have a caravan pass!
    • [6] "I hear water powders can soothe the hot sting if applied."
      • Svin: Hm. The sun and stars are but large balls of fire... Perhaps sunburns are indeed magical in nature, then, to burn from such a distance?
      • Svin: So... You know, that it sounds like it would make for a fine product! Water-infused bandages for sunburns sound wonderful.
    • [7] "I heard from someone that Liquid Emeralds can cure a lot of conditions." [1]
      • Svin: And not simply from being able to purchase expensive medicines? Intriguing!
      • Svin: Unfortunately, I keep most of my money under my mattress at home. I wouldn't have one to try it with.
    • [8] "If you go out to the sun more, you'll build up a tolerance."
      • Svin: Oh, I believe my grandmother told me about that method when I was a boy!
      • Svin: Of course, many of her medicinal methods also included copious amounts of nutritious stew...
    • [9] "There's a secret that's been passed down in my family through generations."
      • Svin: ...my word... This is... This is fascinating!
      • Svin: I can't believe such findings have been right under our nose the whole time! The boot goes where, again?
      • Svin: Yes, yes, with the potato sack, and the pasta noodles! What an astounding breakthrough! Thank you for sharing your secrets, kind traveler!
  • [5] "Oh, I just need to make a transaction."
    • Svin: In that case, I believe you need to speak with the gentleman next to me.


  1. Requires Jungle Fever to have been completed.