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NPC Info
X: 1438 Z: -2214
Location Invaded Barracks
Quest Involved The Mercenary

Commander Takan is a former army commander. He can be considered the boss of the Mercenary quest and drops Takan's Badge when killed. Although he is Level 30, he has only 5 health and cannot move, and can thus be killed instantly with most weapons, with no danger to the player. However, he is also guarded by several Level 28-32 Bandits that the player must fight through both to reach him, and to escape.

Due to Admiral Amerigo sentencing his brother to death, Takan committed treachery and invaded the army barracks near Almuj with a group of bandits. Prior to his assassination in the quest, Takan planned to lead the bandits against the "aristocratic" military officers of Wynn, and take control of the province.


  • This mob's name was changed from Ba'al to Takan to avoid confusion with Bak'al.