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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Quest Info
Length Long
Location Dark Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 62
Starter NPC Hazel
Reward As follows:

For the updated version of this quest, please see Realm of Light II - Taproot.

Taproot is a long level 62 quest based in the Dark Forest.


After being sent to Tiek by Hazel, the player gathers flowers under Tiek's orders to try and heal the decay in the forest. After no avail, Tiek indirectly sends the player to a place where they learn of what happened in the Dark Forest and how the decay came to be.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Hazel in the Dark Forest.

 Location   Dark Forest   X   -1445  Y   46  Z   -5509  Wynncraft Map 



  • Hazel: Hello, human. If you're here for some wood, I'm afraid we have only decayed, useless logs here.
  • Hazel: This is the lumber yard for the forest, or at least, it was.
  • Hazel: The forest decay can't have escaped your notice. It certainly didn't escape the trees.
  • Hazel: It's been this way for years, but recently it's only gotten worse. At least before, trees could still be used for wood.
  • Hazel: I know how you humans like to be helpful, so why don't you do us all a favour and stop the decay!
  • Hazel: *sigh* Sorry, It just gets to you, you know? Watching the life around you slowly die.
  • Hazel: If you actually wanted to help, you could speak to Tiek. She lives in the only part of the forest not under decay. Walk to her house in the east, deep in the forest.

Stage 2[]

» Find Tiek in the Dark Forest.

 Location   Dark Forest   X   -1260  Y   44  Z   -5465  Wynncraft Map 



  • Tiek: Finally, you are here. I've been waiting … who knows how many years.
  • Tiek: I am the sorceress of the forest, I have been watching it for millennia.
  • Tiek: I influenced it, watched it grow… and for the last 1000 years.. Watched it slowly die.
  • Tiek: I am trying to restore it to what it used to be, a flourishing magical forest.
  • Tiek: Alas, I have failed. I may be a powerful sorceress, but even I cannot even touch the darkness that plagues this land.
  • Tiek: Perhaps you can assist me. I think I am onto a breakthrough. If you could just pop round into my garden and harvest some flowers for me.
  • Tiek: Grab me [1 Ginseng], [1 Lobelia] and [1 Vervain].
  • Tiek: Be quick, though. The less exposure to the forest the better! The garden is just round the side of my house.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Vervain(Wilted).png Vervain 60 1 None AI - -
Wilted Vervain
Outside Tiek's House
Ginseng(Wilted).png Ginseng 60 1 None AI - -
Wilted Ginseng
Outside Tiek's House
Lobelia(Wilted).png Lobelia 60 1 None AI - -
Wilted Lobelia
Outside Tiek's House

Stage 3[]

» Grab Tiek 1 Ginseng, 1 Lobelia, and 1 Vervain from her garden.


  • Tiek: Oh no… Even my garden isn't immune anymore. My flowers are wilting.
  • Tiek: You'll need to find some in the wild. Some of each species seem to be thriving in certain areas. I suppose that's natural selection for you.
  • Tiek: Ginseng is a red plant that grows in caves, you'll have to search around here for some.
  • Tiek: Let's see, and Lobelia is a pink flower that grows on top of trees. You'll have to climb one, try searching the ground for fallen petals.
  • Tiek: Oh yes, Vervain will only grow around the dead. You'll need to look around for a place full of death.
  • Tiek: Return to me when you find the wild flowers. I believe we can cure the forest with the combination.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Vervain.png Vervain 60 1 None AI - -
Graveyard at
-1345 46 -5460
Ginseng(Appearance1).png Ginseng 60 1 None AI - -
Cave at
-1280 26 -5540
Ginseng(Appearance2).png Ginseng 60 1 None AI - -
Cave at
-1200 43 -5455
Ginseng(Appearance3).png Ginseng 60 1 None AI - -
Cave at
-1200 43 -5455
Lobelia.png Lobelia 60 1 None AI - -
Tree at
-1235 43 -5430

Stage 4[]

» Return to Tiek with 1 Ginseng, 1 Lobelia, and 1 Vervain.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the flowers.

To find the:

  • Ginseng, enter the cave at [-1199,43,-5457]
  • Lobelia, climb the tree parkour at [-1234,43,-5428]
  • Vervain, look in the graveyard at [-1345,46,-5458]


  • Tiek: They look a little shoddy, but at least they're all alive. This might just work..
  • Tiek: Well a pinch of this, a splash of that. Using the blue flame of a Fleris.
  • Tiek: Aaaaannd… Bam!
  • Tiek: Here we are. One potion of light.
  • Tiek: Alright, go and pour it on the black spot in the forest. Hurry, who knows what effect the decay would have on it.

Stage 5[]

» Use the Potion of Light on The Black Spot near Tiek's home.

 Location   Dark Forest   X   -1306  Y   38  Z   -5473  Wynncraft Map 



  • The spot gurgles and the ground bubbles around you. A dead bush slowly grows from the center.

Stage 6[]

» Return the dead plant to Tiek.


  • Tiek: Oh. Oh dear. That was the strongest recipe I knew...
  • Tiek: Head to the basement and dispose of the dead shrub. Who knows what dark powers it has.
  • Tiek: Don't forget to activate the compactor. If you don't press the button, we won't be able to continue.

Stage 7[]

» Throw away the plant.

Stage 8[]

» Press the button in Tiek's basement, exit the house and follow the rainbow trail.


  • ???: Come to me, come towards the root.

Stage 9[]

» Enter The Taproot.


  • The roots of the tree grasp your feet and plunge you into a mysterious fog.

Stage 10[]

» Complete the parkour.


  • Taproot: Greetings, young mortal. There are realms, adventurer. Realms beyond your comprehension. Linked to your world in ways you cannot hope to understand.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TappedRoot.png Tapped Root 65 2165 Melee AI - - - Taproot
LivingRoot.png Living Root 65 2667 Melee AI - - - Taproot

Stage 11[]

» Explore.


  • Taproot: This land. The land you call home. It is our battleground… It's history is long and complex. We, the bringers of light seek to create a land of light and happiness.
  • Taproot: However, our power is derived from the good in your world. Our greatest source of power, Gavel, soon succumbed to sin, and our light began to fade.
  • Taproot: But there are those, those who worship only darkness, that seek to destroy all. In your world, the influential forces of light and darkness clash.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Grook(Taproot,1.19).png Grook 1 5 None AI - - - Past Dark Forest
Cow(Taproot,1.19).png Cow 1 9 None AI - -
Past Dark Forest
ConstructionCrew(1.19).png Construction Crew 60 35000 None AI - - - Past Dark Forest Gate
Grook(Taproot,1.19).png Grook 1 5 None AI - - - Past Dark Forest
RussetOwl(1.19).png Russet Owl 60 5000 Scared AI - - - Past Dark Forest
SmokyOwl(1.19).png Smoky Owl 60 5000 Scared AI - - - Past Dark Forest
DocileWolf(1.19).png Docile Wolf 64 2450 Neutral AI - ✹ Weak - Past Dark Forest
Watchman(1.19).png Watchman 65 40000 Guard AI - - - Past Dark Forest Gate
SpringMurloc.png Spring Murloc 65 2500 Neutral AI - ✽ Def - Water Bodies
ForestGuardian(Taproot,1.19).png Forest Guardian 70 20000 Passive AI - ✽ Weak
✤ Def
- Past Dark Forest

Stage 12[]

» Speak to Tiek.

 X   -1863  Y   44  Z   -7029  Wynncraft Map 



  • Tiek: I should probably try and explain, you must be a little confused. We are not in the past, well, we are. But not physically.
  • Tiek: I am also not a villager, although I take the physical form of one.
  • Tiek: We are in the memory that the realm of light wants us to see and experience.
  • Tiek: You are neither dead nor alive at this point. You are here to learn.
  • Tiek: I can not directly influence you and tell you why you are here. As is the rules of our world.
  • Tiek: Explore this land, it should seem familiar. It was what the forest was, before the events that occurred 1000 years ago.
  • Tiek: Search for the two stones and pass between them. It will reveal the true enemy.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Taproot (Quest) (1.19).

Dialog Tiek: I know this is all very confusing. But if you want to find out what happened here, follow the path and pass through the two rocks in the shadow.

Stage 13[]

» Explore the Light Forest.

 X   -1809  Y   43  Z   -6738  Wynncraft Map 


  • Taproot: Gaze upon the decline.


Stage 14[]

» Talk to Tiek.


  • Tiek: So, you either understand what's happened here, or you, like many before you, have many more questions.
  • Tiek: I'm afraid I can not directly tell you where to go. I myself have been sent here from my realm to find a solution.
  • Tiek: But I believe the issues of this world, your world, can only be solved by those that inhabit it.
  • Tiek: I can, however, send you in the right direction..
  • Tiek: The thing that you witnessed enter this forest 1000 years ago was not unknown to some who inhabit these woods.
  • Tiek: To progress, you must seek the one who is as old as the forest. He, and only he will have the answers you seek to pursue the enemy.


  • In Stage 8 in the event of the rainbow trail not being visible after pressing the button in Tiek's basement head across the bridge at [-1328, 83, -5613]
  • In Stages 10-11, the first text event, which is on the second jump is not aligned properly and is on the right side of the block too small, so sneak to the right edge of that platform to trigger the text event.
  • During Stage 12, simply follow the path, or walk along the stone wall behind Tiek's house until you find a gate (then follow the path), to find the two stones (there are invisible walls!)
  • During Stage 12, if you wander too far from the designated path, it will teleport you back to the cave, but there is a bug where it puts you behind the barriers, leaving Teleport Scrolls and /kill to be the only way to escape.