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NPC Info
Location Ragni Outskirts
Quest Involved King's Recruit, A Hunter's Calling
...no sense screaming for the dead. But do you think I'm going to just give up like that?

Tasim is a NPC who first appears in the King's Recruit quest, as one of the three Fruman humans travelling to Wynn Province, alongside Aledar and the player themself. He also makes an appearance in the endgame quest A Hunter's Calling, appearing alongside Aledar as a Hero of Wynn.


King's Recruit[]

Tasim and Aledar accompany the player through the Ragni Outskirts after the caravan breaks down at the beginning of the game. Like all other Fruman emigrants, his history before this point is unknown, even to him. He appears to be a warrior, assisting in fighting the undead before arriving to Ragni.

He and Aledar meet the King of Ragni just before the player, and are last seen leaving the castle to enter Ragni for the first time.

A Hunter's Calling[]

Tasim – or at least, another version of him – makes a final appearance during A Hunter's Calling. The eighth and last scenario of the quest takes place in a possible alternate Detlas, in a timeline where Bak'al's horde is laying waste to the cities of Wynn. The player takes the role of a peon of Bak'al, as they do at several other points during the quest, and is instructed to eliminate the Detlas guards; however, two heroes unexpectedly rise to the threat. Tasim and Aledar, together called the Heroes of Wynn, serve as the final bosses of A Hunter's Calling.

The Fight[]

Phase 1: Heroes of Wynn[]

In the battle's first phase, both Aledar and Tasim are fighting. In this form, Tasim has 400000 Health. Tasim utilises only one spell, charge. Their minions include Detlas elite archers, Detlas elite warriors and Detlas elite mages. There are constantly bombs on the arena that explode after a while. He has no weaknesses, and has a lot of health. He has defense against water, fire and air, so you might want to bring either an earth or a thunder weapon.

Phase 2: The Protector[]

In the battle's second phase, Tasim has a lot of Archer minions that back him up, chipping away at your health. In this phase, Tasim has 450000 Health. Tasim himself utilizes charge, and retains his defences and damages from the first stage.