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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

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Discovery Lore
The history and culture of the Villagers were shaped by magic. Their unusual ways of converting such power to everyday chores was common, but some of these learnings have now been long forgotten by the public.
Coordinates X: -1440, Z: -4902
Suggested Level 40
Reward 15000 Experience Points
Uses Discovery

Teachings of old is a secret discovery in the Llevigar Plains, located at River Sage near Bucie.



Fisherman's house
-1440, -4902
Wynncraft Map

To begin the discovery, speak to the fisherman inside his house. It is located just north of Bucie along the river.


  • Fisherman: Why is cooking so boring and difficult?
  • Fisherman: I should do something abou-
  • Fisherman: Who the heck are you? Why did you just break into my house?
  • Fisherman: A-Are you… CHALLENGING ME!!?? Into a fishing competition!?
  • Fisherman: No one can win ME in a fishing competition!
  • Fisherman: You buffoon! Get yourself a fishing rod too and we'll settle this outside!!

Grab a fishing rod from the shelf and follow the fisherman outside to continue.


  • Fisherman: You can have that slimy old rock, while I take all the fishies here, heh.
  • Fisherman: Can you catch at least [8 Fish] and beat my score? Just don't catch the pufferfish or I'll minus it off!
  • Fisherman: Ahaa! And so we begin…

To advance in the discovery, it is required to catch at least 8 fish. Should you catch less than 8 fish, speak to the fisherman again inside his house to try again.


  • Fisherman: Huh, did you finish already? Ahaa! Let's see then…
  • Fisherman: Ahhah, I can see that you haven't managed to beat me.
  • Fisherman: Whatever. You lost, and nobody can beat me anyways!

If you catch 8 or more fish, you receive a Prismarine Gadget


  • Fisherman: Huh, did you finish already? Ahaa! Let's see then…
  • Fisherman: What!? You actually managed to fish eight or more fish? And I only got seven! How pitiful of me…
  • Fisherman: Man, you reallly won me. I can't believe it!
  • Fisherman: Hold on, what is this? In the river? It looks like...
  • Fisherman: That thing sure does look weird... Never seen anything like it before!
  • Fisherman: Argh, can't people just leave this river alone already?
  • Fisherman: They just keep throwing trash into this river… Hasn't the decay already done enough work? Even the kappas don't bother fishing here.
  • Fisherman: Whatever man, you won. I hope this thingamajig can deal as a price. I got nothing better and it looks cool enough

Irrigation System[]

Irrigation System
-1491, -4926
Wynncraft Map

Head south along the river and fill the gadget with water at about [-1470, -4833]. When it is filled, go to the irrigation system west of the fisherman's house. Placing the gadget there will trigger an animation and a hole will open up south-west of the sprinkler. Head inside the hole to get the discovery.