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Disambig.png This article is about scrolls that teleport the player. For crafted scrolls that heal health or apply other effects, see Crafted Scrolls.
Teleport Scrolls

Item Scroll
Type Transportation/Skill Point Reset
Obtain Scroll Merchants
Usage To teleport to a city or dungeon/To reset the player's skill points

Scrolls are a series of items that are bought from Scroll Merchants, and allow the player to teleport to the destination or reset their Skill Points. It costs one soul point to use a teleportation scroll. However, you must have been to the city before to be able to teleport there using a scroll.

You can also teleport to the entrance of Dungeons using Dungeon Teleport Scrolls, which must be bought from Dungeon Scroll Merchants for two of the respective Dungeon Fragments. The use of these does not cost any soul points, but you still need a Dungeon Key to enter the dungeon.

The scroll bought in the Tower of Amnesia is not a teleport scroll, but it is used to reset your Skill Points.

If you only have 1 Soul Point, you will not be able to use a city teleport scroll.


Each city's scroll has a different price depending on its destination and the city it was bought in. The listed prices apply to scrolls that were bought in the same town they point at. Scroll Merchants also sell scrolls to lower level towns for several times the original price. Dungeon Scroll Merchants sell scrolls that, when used, will teleport you to the specified dungeon without costing soul points.

Location Province Price (Respective to each location's own scroll merchant) Function
Ragni Wynn 8
Teleport to Ragni
Detlas Wynn 8
Teleport to Detlas
Nemract Wynn 28
Teleport to Nemract
Selchar Ocean 40
Teleport to Selchar
Mage Island Ocean 52
Teleport to Mage Island
Almuj Wynn 52
Teleport to Almuj
Rymek Wynn 5
Gold Bar
Teleport to Rymek
Nesaak Wynn 1
Teleport to Nesaak
Troms Wynn 2
Teleport to Troms
Pirate Cove Ocean 2
Teleport to Pirate Cove
Llevigar Gavel 1
Teleport to Llevigar
Bucie Gavel 1
Teleport to Bucie
Olux Gavel 1
Teleport to Olux
Gelibord Gavel 2
Teleport to Gelibord
Cinfras Gavel 2
Teleport to Cinfras
Thanos Gavel 2
Teleport to Thanos
Eltom Gavel 2
Teleport to Eltom
Tempo Town Wynn 4
Teleport to Tempo Town
Thesead Gavel 3
Teleport to Thesead
Maex Gavel 3
Teleport to Maex
Rodoroc Gavel 3
Teleport to Rodoroc
Kandon-Beda Gavel 3
Teleport to Kandon-Beda
Ahmsord Gavel 4 Emerald block.png Teleport to Ahmsord
Corkus City Corkus 3
Teleport to Corkus City
Lutho Silent Expanse 4
Teleport to Lutho
Legendary Island Corkus 3
Teleport to Legendary Island
Tower of Amnesia Wynn 6
Resets Skill Points (This does not cost a Soul Point to use)
Decrepit Sewers Wynn 2 Decrepit Sewers Fragments Teleport to the Decrepit Sewers dungeon
Infested Pit Wynn 2 Infested Pit Fragments Teleport to the Infested Pit dungeon
Lost Sanctuary Wynn 2 Lost Sanctuary Fragments Teleport to the Lost Sanctuary dungeon
Underworld Crypt Wynn 2 Underworld Crypt Fragments Teleport to the Underworld Crypt dungeon
Sand-Swept Tomb Wynn 2 Sand-Swept Tomb Fragments Teleport to the Sand-Swept Tomb dungeon
Ice Barrows Wynn 2 Ice Barrows Fragments Teleport to the Ice Barrows dungeon
Undergrowth Ruins Wynn 2 Undergrowth Ruins Fragments Teleport to the Undergrowth Ruins dungeon
Galleon's Graveyard Ocean 2 Galleon's Graveyard Fragments Teleport to the Galleon's Graveyard dungeon
Fallen Factory Corkus 2 Fallen Factory Fragments Teleport to the Fallen Factory dungeon
The Forgery Gavel One of those seven options: Teleport to the Forgery


  • Even though the use of dungeon teleport scrolls does not cost any soul points you are not able to use those scrolls when you have 0/1 soul points.