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This template displays a 30px icon of the specified armour piece. Example: {{ArmourIcon|Iron Helmet}} produces

Standard Parameters
Parameter Description
1 The armour type, e.g. Gold Pants, Leather Helmet or just Chestplate.
2 The name of the armour piece, used to determine its colour. For example Champion Helmet or Changeling's Chestplate. For set items, this can also be the set name, for example Relic for the Relic Set.
Additional Parameters
Parameter Description
align Changes the vertical alignment of the icon. Default is middle.
color Dyes a leather armour in this color. Only works on leather armor and overrides the color of the specified item.
link Makes the icon into a link to the specified page.
Code Result
{{ArmourIcon|helmet|breathing helmet|link=Breathing Helmet}}
{{ArmourIcon|leggings|relic|link=Relic Leggings}}
{{ArmourIcon|diamond boots}}

This uses Template:ArmourIcon/pos to select the right icon for the armour type and Template:ArmourIcon/color to select the right colour for the armour name.

This template uses the following sprite grid:

Armour Sprites