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The IDcost template is used for easy insertion of item identification costs.


You can either enter cost and the exact amount it needs to identify an item or the rarity (unique/, rare, legendary, mythic, and set) and level of it.
If the item has preset stats you can either define the merchant and the the price or not use any parameters for a default message.
Alternatively you can use these letters for the first parameter: c for cost, u for unique, r for rare, l for legendary, m for mythic, s for set and p for preset.


You can add a prefix to the item name by adding it in another parameter at the end of the template. | the for example will add the in front of the items name.


The template uses the name of the page.
In case the name of the item page is not the item name (e.g. Guardians page is called "Guardian (Item)") you can add | name = ItemName to each of the options above in order to add the name manually.



Example Result
{{IDcost|cost|45}} It costs 45 Emeralds to identify Squid Anklet.
{{IDcost|legendary|99}} It costs 510 Emeralds to identify Cluster.
{{IDcost|preset|[[Dungeon Merchant#Ice Barrows|Ice Barrows Dungeon Merchant]]|6 [[Dungeon Fragments|Theorick's Ice Shard]]}} Hearthfire can be bought from the Ice Barrows Dungeon Merchant for 6 Theorick's Ice Shard, and is pre-identified.
{{IDcost}} Amulet of Rejuvenation is identified when bought. Therefore, its identifications don't vary.
{{IDcost|u|42|the}} It costs 26 Emeralds to identify the Climbing Helmet.
{{IDcost|m|93|page=Guardian}} It costs 1764 Emeralds to identify Guardian.