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This template is an infobox used for accessories.

Note: * means optional. Please don't include the * when writing the field though
| name=
| image=
| item=
| level=
| type= [Unique, Rare, Legendary, Fabled, Set]
| health=
| obtain=[Quest Reward, Merchant, Loot, Nonspecific, Mob Drop, Other]
| req=
| tag= [Quest Item, Untradable, None]
| defense= *
| earth= *
| thunder= *
| water= *
| fire= *
| air= *
| r_strength = *
| r_dexterity = *
| r_intelligence = *
| r_defense = *
| r_agility = *
| r_quest = *
| otherinfo= *
Argument Description
name The item name, default to the page name if blanked, should only be used when the page name and actual item name is different for some reason.
image The image for the infobox, fill with [[File:<ImageName.extension>]]
item The item slot of the accessory: Ring, Necklace or Bracelet.
type The accessory type. Should be Unique, Rare, Legendary or Set.
level The minimum level that can wear this accessory.
health The base Health bonus given by the accessory.
defense The base Elemental defense given by the accessory.
earth An optional field for Earth Defense amount.
thunder An optional field for Thunder Defense amount.
water An optional field for Water Defense amount.
fire An optional field for Fire Defense amount.
air An optional field for Air Defense amount.
obtain How the accessory can be obtained: Nonspecific, Mob Drop, Quest Reward, Loot (chest), Merchant, or Other.
tag Any special tags the accessory has: Untradable, Quest Item, or None.
r_ Could be, for example, r_dexterity. The prefix "r_" stands for requirement (to avoid confusion) and the suffix would be the requirement. If r_dexterity = 20, for example, then it'd display: "Dexterity: Minimum: 20".
otherinfo Any other information (e.g. Contest Reward).


Abyssal Amulet

Item Information
Item Necklace
Min. Level 72
Rarity Legendary
Obtain Quest Reward
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Thunder +30
Fire +30
Quest No results
| name = {{Rarity|l|Abyssal Amulet}}
| image = {{AccessoryIcon|21}}
| item = Necklace
| level = 72
| type = Legendary
| health = 
| fire = +30
| thunder = +30
| obtain = Quest Reward
| r_quest = Eye of the Storm
| tag = Untradable


Shackle of Shade

Item Information
Item Bracelet
Min. Level 70
Rarity Rare
Base Health Bonus +500
Obtain Mob drop
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Thunder +50
Fire +50
Dexterity Minimum: 10
Defense Minimum: 10
|name= {{Rarity|r|Shackle of Shade}}
|image= {{AccessoryIcon|8}}
|item= Bracelet
|level= 70
|type= Rare
|health= +500
|fire= +50
|thunder= +50
|obtain= Mob drop
|tag= Untradable


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