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This template creates an infobox for general items.


To use this template, add to page this code:

|type=[Quest Item, Junk Item, Untradable]
|obtain=[Quest Reward, Merchant, Loot, Discontinued, Unknown]

Note: If there are arguments after the equal sign, you can fill in that specific field using one of those arguments (case sensitive) and receive the corresponding color to the text.

  • For example: If you wrote Quest Item under the type field, then Quest Item will be shown when changes are saved.
  • You don't need to use one of the arguments given, they are simply there for convenience.


Argument Description
name The item name, default to the page name if blanked, should only be used when the page name and actual item name is different for some reason.
image The image for the infobox, fill with [[File:<ImageName.extension>]]
item The vanilla item it is based on. For example, Wand is based on Stick
type The item type. Quest Item, Weapon, Junk Item, Helmet, Chestplate, Legging, Boots, or Mob Drop? Multiple type can be specified.
obtain How the item is obtained. Quest Reward, Merchant, Loot, Discontinued, Unknown
usage What is the item used for.
noCategory If set to any value, the page will not be automatically categorised.


Bob's Crushed Soul

Item Sugar
Type Quest Item
Obtain Bob's Lost Soul
Usage Bob's Lost Soul
Temple of the Legends
|name=Bob's Crushed Soul
|type=Quest Item
|obtain=[[Bob's Lost Soul]]
|usage=[[Bob's Lost Soul]]<br>[[Temple of the Legends]]