Location {{{location}}}

To use this template, add to page this code:

| name = 
| image = 
| type = 
| location = 
| xcoordinate = 
| zcoordinate = 
| total = 
| variations = 
Argument Description
name The merchant name, default to the page name if blanked, should only be used when the page name and actual item name is different for some reason.
image The image for the infobox, fill with [[File:<ImageName.extension>|200px]]
type The type of merchant: could be potion, cobblestone, wheat, etc. Essentially, their trades
location The location of the merchant. If there is more than one, say Gavel, Wynn, or Both.
xcoordinate The x-coordinate of the merchant, this field is optional.
zcoordinate The z-coordinate of the merchant, this field is optional.
total Total represents the current number of total merchants across the provinces. This field is also optional.
variations There are some merchants that are similar but have different variations (like those in the Hive shop). This field represents the number of variations that the merchant has across the provinces. This field is optional.
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