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Type {{{type}}}
Location {{{location}}}
IGN {{{ign}}}
Class {{{class}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Other Information {{{other-info}}}

Note: I made this template to make user pages easier to create! It has no other purpose except to spice up your page if you choose!
That being said, please only use for
User Pages or User Talk Pages. Enjoy :) -Colin350

To use this template, add this code to the page:

| name =
| image =
| type =
| gender =
| location =
| ign =
| class =
| level =
| other-info =

Argument Description
name Your name, default to the page name if blanked.
image The image for the infobox, fill with [[File:<ImageName.extension>|200px]]
type Your type. Could be anything.
gender Your gender identity. This is optional.
location Your location
ign Your in-game name.
class Your class in-game.
level Your level in-game (could be highest, or lowest, or random)
other-info Other information you think is necessary to be in your infobox