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The ItemStats Template is used to place a box containing item information, for both weapons and armour.




The following tags can be used in this template:

  • location: Used to make the box 'float' on either the left or right side of the page. By default, there is no floating, and so text will not wrap around the box, but will appear only above or below.
  • name: The name of the armour/weapon item. Displays as first line, and text colour is dependant on type.
  • dam: Weapon Damage, displays as 2nd line, in magenta.
  • def: Armour Defence, displays as 2nd line, in magenta.
  • lv: The minimum level requirement, displays as 3rd line, in orange.
  • type: The item type, or shows as "Basic Item" if none is specified
  • extra: Optional. Adds a Quest Item or Untradable Item line to the box.



Dam: 22-26 
Lv. min: 28 
Unique Item
Flawed Golden Chestplate 
Def: 28 
Lv. min: 17 
Basic Item

{{ItemStats|location=right|name=Flawed Golden Chestplate|def=28|lv=17}}

{{ItemStats|location=left|name=Relic Spear|type=legendary|dam=76-79|lv=60|extra=Untradable}}

Relic Spear 
Dam: 76-79 
Lv. min: 60 
Legendary Item
Untradable Item