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Displays a list of all merchants which involve the specified item in any trades (as inputs or outputs). The data is supplied with the Trade Template and can be viewed here

Template Variants

The template also has the Template:MerchantsThatTrade/in and Template:MerchantsThatTrade/out variants to only list input/outputs respectivly. These use the Template:MerchantsThatTrade/display template to display their trades.


| # =
| limit =
| intro =

Note: The # symbol represents an infinite number of unnamed arguments. (Minimum of 1)

Argument Description Default Value
# Items to search for. The search matches any items which contain the search term
limit Limit the amount of results shown 20
intro Set the intro text that displays before the list. The following merchants sell {{{1}}}:


{{MerchantsThatTrade|Gold Bar}}


The following merchants use Gold Bar:

{{MerchantsThatTrade|Nii Rune}}


The following merchants use Nii Rune:

{{MerchantsThatTrade|Emerald|Liquid Emerald|Emerald Block}}


The following merchants use Emerald, Liquid Emerald, Emerald Block:

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