Navbox Translations

Use this template in quest pages if translations have been created at subpages with the according language identifier as suffix. It will automatically display links to all available translations in the sidebar. Preferred usage, should be at the end of the page:


{{Navbox Translations}}


Master list:

  • Czech: /cs
  • German: /de
  • English:
  • Spanish: /es
  • Finnish: /fi
  • French: /fr
  • Hebrew: /he
  • Hungarian: /hu
  • Italian: /it
  • Japanese: /ja
  • Korean: /kr
  • Dutch: /nl
  • Norwegian: /no
  • Brazilian Portuguese: /pt-br
  • Russian: /ru
  • Swedish: /sv
  • Thai: /th
  • Ukrainian: /uk
  • Vietnamese: /vi
  • Chinese: /zh
  • Chinese (Taiwan): /zh-tw
  • Cantonese: /zh-yue
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