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|fungi spores
|fungi spores
|pumpkin seeds=63
|pumpkin seeds=63
|decay grain
|decay grains
|sorghum grain
|sorghum grains
|dernic grain
|dernic grains
|brown grain
|brown grains
|paralyzing spores
|paralyzing spores
|toxic spores
|toxic spores

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WynnIcon/pos is a support template for the WynnIcon template.

It's job is to simply convert the 'name' of an item into a valid position number on the Sprite Grid PNG.

By default, this template will return 196 (the last icon on the grid).

The parameter should be spelled naturally, i.e. with spaces between words. Capitalization does not matter.




Usage Returns
{{WynnIcon/pos|Earth Powder IV}} 2
{{WynnIcon/pos|Yahya's Stained Bowl}} 400
{{WynnIcon/pos|Quest Book}} 15
{{WynnIcon/pos|spawn chicken}} 400
{{WynnIcon/pos|unrecognised_text_here}} 400