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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Temple of Swords SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
After realizing its true power, Hashr realized he must hide the sceptre where no one can find it. Many years later, a group of bandits found refuge in this very temple.
Coordinates X: 1230, Z: -2290
Suggested Level 30
Uses Discovery
Requirements none

The Temple of Swords is a Secret Discovery located west of the Invaded Barracks. Junes enters the temple with you and explains how the vault seems to have held an artifact of great value and has been recently intruded.


1249, 90, -2286
Wynncraft Map
  • Head into the temple and behind the statues should be a short tunnel to a sword; right-click it.


1224, 98, -2290
Wynncraft Map


  • Place the sword into the slot in front of the statue.
  • Turn the sword in accordance with the statues above, making sure to hit the head at each sync.
  • Enter the revealed entrance and continue along with the dialogue.



Junes: How did you open this door? It's been sealed for as long as I remember.

Junes: However.. This barrier doesn't look like it was made by the empire.

Junes: It's still old, though. Let's give it a little nudge.

Junes: Well, it seems to have fallen apart to the touch. This is one of the biggest rooms i've seen..

Junes: This must have been important.. Let's go!

Junes: Don't you think this vault is a little grand for storing just gold?

Junes: Look, there's a pedestal for something here, like a weapon.

Junes: The dust is disturbed around it. Someone has been here recently..

Junes: But why would they take whatever was here, but not all the gold?

Junes: Whatever was kept here, I think we can assume it was of great value to the Emperor.

Junes: We better get out of here, and don't even think about taking this gold - They are artifacts!