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Temple of the Legends SiteIcon.png
The entrance to the Temple of the Legends
Discovery Lore
Only the most revered of scholars and adventurers are allowed inside of the Temple of Legends. Just entering this place is a testament to your victory against the Corrupter of Worlds.
Coordinates X: -680, Z: -1015
Suggested Level 68
Standard Merchants
Weapon Merchant Level 75
Other Merchants Emerald Merchant
Liquid Emerald Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Quest Starts Temple of the Legends
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)
Uses Quest, Grinding
Requirements Completion of Temple of the Legends

Temple of the Legends (ToL for short) is a location near Troms and is used by many high-level players to gather legendary equipment and experience points. To enter, the player must complete the Temple of the Legends quest. A bank with a liquid merchant is also located within the temple. A weapon merchant is located within the temple, selling level 75 legendary equipment for Corrupted Treasure obtained from the Reincarnation quest.

Points of Interest[]


  • Weapon Merchant's chamber - This chamber on the temple's left side houses the merchant for Bob's Mythic Weapons.
  • Bank - A bank with a liquid merchant is located within the temple.
  • Training Arena - A grinding spot where you can battle against villager enemies.




Boss Altar[]

  • Arena of the Legends - A boss altar where you can battle against Grand Magus, a mage of the Temple of Legends. Activating the altar requires 5 Broken Amulets from Trainers in the Training Arena.


  • After the 1.19 Update, a fifth statue was added to the end of the hall to symbolize the newly added Relik weapon type and Shaman. Since Bob never used Reliks, the statue holds a question mark instead. There may be more reasoning behind this.
  • There's a loot chest below the main hall's walkway.
  • The mobs in the grind spot used to be Trained Corrupted, but were replaced by villagers in the 1.12 update.
    • The standard Trainers themselves got changed to fit more elements in the 1.20 update.