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Temple of the Legends
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Temple of the Legends
Province Wynn
Combat Level 68
Starter NPC Kelight
Required Quest Mushroom Man, Creeper Infiltration, Maltic's Well, Grave Digger, The Corrupted Village, Wrath of the Mummy, Ice Nations, Bob's Lost Soul
Required Item Yahya's Stained Bowl, Maltic's Recommendation Letter, Corrupted Potato, Bob's Crushed Soul, Sayleros' Brother's Ashes, The Mummy's Bandage
Reward As follows:

Temple of the Legends is a long level 68 quest that starts in front of the Temple of the Legends and takes the player throughout the Wynn Province.


In order to gain access to the Temple of the Legends, the player must complete several dangerous tasks to prove their worth to Kelight, the temple's gatemaster.

A list of all of the items needed for the quest are:

Additional items needed include:

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Kelight at the entrance of the Temple of the Legends, close to Troms at [-693, 68, -993]



  • Kelight: I see you want to enter this mighty temple! Do not deny it, I see it in your eyes.
  • Kelight: It is only natural, after all, to want to join the esteemed ranks of the Legends, such as myself!
  • Kelight: You will need to prove yourself by fighting a powerful beast, hidden deep in this cave beside me.
  • Kelight: However, as a Legend, I am very busy, autographs and the sort, and that's not to mention my guard duty, so let's see if you are even worthy of my time.
  • Kelight: Bring me back [1 Yahya's Stained Bowl], [1 Maltic's Recommendation Letter] and [1 Corrupted Potato]. Trophies of your accomplishments.

Stage 2[]

» Bring back [1 Yahya's Stained Bowl], [1 Maltic's Recommendation Letter] and [1 Corrupted Potato] to Kelight



  • Kelight: Mhm, mhm. Yeah, that was a bit fast. Fork them over, I need to see if these are the real deal.
  • Kelight: Hmm, yes, this bowl certainly seems...used. Only that loonie Yahya could use this thing upside down, and not spill a drop...
  • Kelight: I'd recognize that peasant's handwriting any day of the week. Rynend writes these I.O.U.s all the time...
  • Kelight: And while I'd normally do a taste test, this potato is obviously corrupted through and through.
  • Kelight: Mildly impressive, yes. But, don't think you'll be getting in that easily. I'll need a bit more proof.
  • Kelight: Bring me [1 Bob's Crushed Soul], [1 Sayleros' Brother's Ashes], and [1 The Mummy's Bandage]. Only true heroes could manage this task.

Stage 3[]

» Bring back [1 Bob's Crushed Soul], [1 Sayleros' Brother's Ashes], and [1 The Mummy's Bandage] to Kelight



  • Kelight: Back so soon? A little bit suspicious. Allow me to examine your trophies once more.
  • Kelight: These "ashes" look a bit much like plain dust...but they do smell rather burnt...I suppose these are the real deal.
  • Kelight: Ah, ancient Wynnic hieroglyphs. This bandage is definitely the true article, but there's no way you could possibly have gotten Bob's-
  • Kelight: Bob's...s-soul...? My...my god. He disappeared years ago! How did you...er, I mean, well done. Perhaps you are as strong as you pretend.
  • Kelight: Moving along... This creature that I task you to fight...it is no ordinary foe. You see, it is not just a powerful minion of Corruption.
  • Kelight: It is believed that this creature was one of the miners who ventured into the Nether portal...
  • Kelight: It is so powerful that simply entering this cave will weaken you, even with the best equipment!
  • Kelight: Getting close to it will quickly corrupt you, which is why we must craft you a protection helmet.
  • Kelight: Only a light whose origin is from the same realm as the monster can protect you against such a beast.
  • Kelight: Now, a friend of mine, Jorkin, studies the Nether. He knows more about it than even myself, so go to him and explain the situation.

Stage 4[]

» Talk to Jorkin close to the Nether portal about lightdust

338, 41, -1241
Wynncraft Map


  • Jorkin: You may want to get out of here, traveller. The Nether is very dangerous!
  • Jorkin: Oh my. You...you want to attack HIM? Th-that horrid beast! Are you mad?!
  • Jorkin: Urgh, Kelight keeps sending adventurers like you to their deaths with his asinine tasks!
  • Jorkin: Fine. If you're really so determined to walk to your death, I can tell you where to go.
  • Jorkin: On the other side of the Nether from here, there is a cave full of the Light Dust you'll need.
  • Jorkin: Powerful corrupteds live in that cave, so be very careful retrieving it, and bring it back to me once you find it.

Stage 5[]

» Find the lightdust cavern located near the Nether Portal

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the lightdust cavern.

The light dust cavern is located roughly opposite the Nether Portal from where Jorkin is, at [265, 39, -1365]. Kill the Light Phantom at [177, 32, -1538] to obtain the 1 Light Dust.

Stage 6[]

» Retrieve [1 Light Dust] for Jorkin to look at

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ShadowSkulk.png Shadow Skulk 65 1900 Melee AI - - - Light Dust Cavern
DarkWight.png Dark Wight 68 3000 Melee AI - ✹ Def - Light Dust Cavern
VolatileCorrupter.png Volatile Corrupter 74 20000 Ranged AI Charge
✽ Weak
✹ Dam
✦ Def
- Light Dust Cavern
LightPhantom.png Light Phantom 1 1 None AI - -
Light Dust
Light Dust Cavern
Light Dust Room at [180, 32, -1545]


  • Jorkin: You have the Light Dust, then? Hand it here, I want to see something.
  • Jorkin: Ah, just as I thought. Even this light has been corrupted by the Nether. Sorry, looks like you can't fight him, go home.
  • Jorkin: ...
  • Jorkin: ...urgh, there's no fooling you, is there? You really are committed to trying to fight him.
  • Jorkin: Well, I wasn't lying when I said the Light Dust was corrupted, but there is a way to purify it.
  • Jorkin: An old acquaintance of mine, Rayshyroth, has a method. He lives on Mage Island.
  • Jorkin: He knows even more about that...thing, than I do in my years of studying the Nether. Maybe he'll be able to talk you out of this.

Stage 7[]

» Visit Rayshyroth on Mage Island to purify the dust

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get to Rayshyroth.

Rayshyroth is located on a floating island above the main Mage Island, at [846, 87, -2906]. To get up, you can do a parkour starting at [885, 49, -2925].



  • Rayshyroth: Oh? Well, greetings. What brings you to our quiet lonely island, let alone all the way up here?
  • Rayshyroth: ...I see. Yes, the corruption of the blasted Nether Portal is rather potent. I'm not surprised this would need purification.
  • Rayshyroth: Well, I can certainly do it, but I'll need the materials to do so. Shouldn't be anything you can't handle by now, right?
  • Rayshyroth: You see, below my house here, there is a wellspring from which a powerful magic flux generates.
  • Rayshyroth: It creates a unique magic vapor if disrupted, which I can use to purify the dust for you.
  • Rayskyroth: I would say, given how badly corrupted this is, I will need at least [12 Sky Vapor] for the task.

Stage 8[]

» Find the cave on Mage Island where the Sky Flux gathers

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to find the cave.

The Sky Vapor cave is just below Rayshyroth, at [850, 17, -2910].

Stage 9[]

» Give [12 Sky Vapor] to Rayshyroth

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SkyFlux.png Sky Flux 68 3000 Melee AI - ✤ Weak
❋ Dam
❋ Def

Sky Vapor
Sky Vapor Cave


  • Rayshyroth: Aha, you're back with the Sky Vapor! Sorry about the climb, even I find it rather inconvenient at times.
  • Rayshyroth: While I perform the ritual to purify this, I'd like to ask you something. Do you know, exactly, what it is you'll be fighting?
  • Rayshyroth: Don't look so surprised, I know exactly what you need Light Dust for. The corruption warding helmet...to allow you to fight the Corrupter of Worlds.
  • Rayshyroth: Yes, yes. I imagine that Kelight didn't bother telling you that was his title. I also surmise that you were given few details of how he came to be...
  • Rayshyroth: The beast now known as the Corrupter of Worlds used to be a simple mining captain, during the expeditions that uncovered the Nether Portal. He was the first to enter that wicked realm.
  • Rayshyroth: The poor man was never heard from again...well, that is until the corrupted hordes began to pour from the Nether, with him leading the pack. A bit ironic, isn't it? Led the miners in life, the corrupteds in death.
  • Rayshyroth: His mining crew there lasted hardly minutes. He personally slaughtered every single one of his original crew, and thousands more. The energies of the Nether have made him monstrously powerful.
  • Rayshyroth: Just remember that no one, aside from that snooty Kelight, will think less of you should you choose not to fight him.
  • Rayshyroth: Here is your Light Dust. Whatever you decide to do next, I wish you only the best of luck in it.

Stage 10[]

» Show the [Purified Light Dust] to Kelight at the entrance of the Temple of the Legends



  • Kelight: Hah. Took you long enough. This is the light dust, I presume?
  • Kelight: I'll hold onto this for now. While it is a vital ingredient for creating your protection helmet, we need the actual helmet now.
  • Kelight: Now, I knew a man named Garull, once. He kept ranting and raving about Creepers existing, can you believe? Pfft! It's like suggesting a dragon will attack Detlas!
  • Kelight: When I suggested the notion to be silly, he stopped coming to visit me, his loss. Nevertheless, he is a very skilled craftsman, and can create the helmet we need.
  • Kelight: I have, unfortunately, no idea where he is now, but given how you have proven yourself thusfar, you should have very little trouble, hm?
  • Kelight: Come back if you can manage to get ahold of that helmet.

Stage 11[]

» Find Garull, the Creeper obsessed craftsman

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to find Garull.

Garull is located in the Creeper's Hideout in the Pigmen's Ravine. To get into the hideout, you will need to wear a Creeper Mask from Creeper Infiltration. Once you get into the hideout just like in Creeper Infiltration, you can find Garull in his room at [-918, 81, -1222].



  • Garull: GWUH! Oh god, don't scare me like that! Who... Who even are you?!
  • Garull: Ah, you were sent from Kelight for a protection helmet? I can do that, sure, but there's a few complications.
  • Garull: See, I usually use something called Touroto Hide to make my armor. It's extremely resilient, magic resistant and tough to break.
  • Garull: But, this also makes the Touroto themselves almost impossible to kill. Getting Touroto Hide is extremely difficult. I do know of a black market for it in Rymek, but...
  • Garull: They only sell useless Old Touroto Hide, gotten from ones that died of old age. It's almost no better than just plain leather.
  • Garull: So, for me to craft you this helmet, I'll need you to bring me not just the [Old Touroto Hide], but also the means to restore it to its previous power. Do listen up, there's a lot to tell you!
  • Garull: There's the [Aseado Leaf], grown someplace in the Dernel Jungle...it has powerful medicinal qualities, supposedly able to reverse aging.
  • Garull: Then, a [Maro's Eye Jewel], which is an amazing magical focus from...well, where else, the Maro Peaks. Using its dust, I'll be able to return its magical resilience manually.
  • Garull: Finally, I'll need a [Coral of Nelfors], which can be found in the Seavale Reef. This is what I need to use to enchant the hide to be magically resistant.
  • Garull: I wrote all that down in your quest book. If you can get it all, come back to see me, but don't be so sneaky about coming up to me please!

Stage 12[]

» Bring the [Old Touroto Hide], [Aseado Leaf], [Maro's Eye Jewel], and [Coral of Nelfors] to Garull



  • Garull: Thank you for listening to me about not being so quiet coming over here. I'm guessing you've got everything?
  • Garull: Alright, this should go quickly. For however pompous Kelight is, he's right in sending you to me to craft this.
  • Garull: Now, I want to warn you about something. I've heard stories about the enemy you need this helmet to face, none of them good.
  • Garull: While I have seen people return from killing the "beast" he talks about, it isn't often. Be very careful, should you choose to fight it.

Stage 13[]

» Bring the [Helmet of the Legends] to Kelight at the entrance of the Temple of the Legends



  • Kelight: Oh, so you actually managed to find the blighter. I was getting tired of waiting for you.
  • Kelight: Now, if you'll hand over the helmet, I'll apply the light dust. Afterwards, you may enter the cave.
  • Kelight: Hopefully you'll do better than that last group that tried to fight him. Six fighters strong, never came back.
  • Kelight: Bring me concrete proof of your triumph over the beast, and I will grant you passage into this Temple of the Legends.

Stage 14[]

» Kill the Corrupter of Worlds and bring proof of its death to Kelight

Corrupter of Worlds Cave
-713, 61, -965
Wynncraft Map

Once you enter the main cave, passing the second pair of Legend Guards, the following dialogue will play:

  • You start to feel weaker as you enter the cave...

Continue through the cave. As you do, you will be able to see the Corrupter of Worlds flash by a few times; one of these times is while you are stopped at a barrier, and some Corrupted Soldiers will spawn behind you. Continue either way around the pillar, until you reach a gray leaf wall. Once you do, go through it and jump down, which will trigger the next dialogue:

  • It feels as though demons are starting to consume your mind... Maybe it wasn't a good idea to enter this place...

Jumping down will also trigger another short appearance of the Corrupter of Worlds, and cause a large horde of Corrupted Soldiers, Warriors, Assassins, Mages, Archers, and normal Corrupteds to spawn in the room. You do not have to kill these to progress, although it can be difficult to get past them without doing so. Either way, the tunnel out of the room leads straight to the boss fight - once you stand on the soul sand at the end, the Corrupter of Worlds will walk up and break the soul sand, knocking you into the boss room.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Corrupted.png Corrupted 60 1550 Melee AI - - - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
100px Corrupted Soldier 70 3250 Melee AI - - - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
CorruptedSoldier(Appearance2).png Corrupted Soldier 70 6500 Melee AI - - - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
CorruptedWarrior.png Corrupted Warrior 75 9400 Melee AI Charge ✤ Dam - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
100px Corrupted Assassin 75 7850 Melee AI Multihit ✦ Dam - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
100px Corrupted Mage 75 6300 Ranged AI Heal
✽ Dam - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
CorruptedArcher.png Corrupted Archer 75 4700 Ranged AI Arrow Storm ❋ Dam - Corrupter of Worlds Cave
CorrupterofWorlds.png Corrupter of Worlds 100 150000 Melee AI Multihit
❋ Weak
✦ Def

Corrupted Heart
4 Corrupter Spawn
Boss Room
CorrupterSpawn.png Corrupter Spawn 90 4700 Melee AI ??? ❋ Weak
✦ Def
- Boss Room,
Corrupter of Worlds


  • Kelight: ... You... You did it? H-how?!
  • Kelight: Even one so brave and powerful as myself could not possibly survive against-
  • Kelight: Er... I mean, of course you were able to defeat the beast! I believed in you from the very start!
  • Kelight: You are welcome into the Temple of the Legends, with my permission! Feel proud of your accomplishment!


  • Gather all of the quest items for Kelight before starting the quest, so you don't have to go back and fetch them.
  • If you have trouble with defeating the Corrupter of Worlds, bring a party of people to assist you in killing it, preferably with a mage for Heal Spells.
  • Bring a few Undergrowth Ruins (Best Option), Ragni or Detlas Teleport Scrolls with you so you don't have to walk too far to get to Kelight. Make sure you have completed The Passage (and Tunnel Trouble if you use Detlas scrolls), otherwise you will have to use Troms scrolls, which are much more expensive.
  • Try to acquire all the items for making the helmet before doing the quest (except the Light Dust and Sky Vapor, which cannot be acquired beforehand). It will make the quest much faster and easier.
  • For maximum efficiency for getting the items for Garull, you can get the [Old Touroto Hide] during the Canyon Condor quest, [Aseado Leaf] during Lost Soles, [Maro's Eye Jewel] mid-way through the Zhight Island quest and [Coral of Nelfors] right after Stage 9 as you can easily take the Seaskipper or Nexus to get to Selchar, which is very close to where you can acquire Coral of Nelfors. After all of this, you can use a Troms Teleport scroll to quickly get back, or take the Seaskipper of Nexus to Nessak, then go to the great bridge, through the jungle and then into Troms.