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Tempo Town Trouble
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Time Valley
Province Wynn
Combat Level 25
Starter NPC Tyko
Reward As follows:

Tempo Town Trouble is a Medium level 25 quest starting in Nemract but mostly taking place around Time Valley.


Tyko in Nemract asks the player to head over to Tempo Town near Time Valley and help the town deal with a strange creature that has been attacking it.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Tyko at [87, 39, -2199]



  • Tyko: Oh, HEY! Human, come over here, yes yes right over here! Listen up real quick for me, yeah? You're just the kinda guy I need...
  • Tyko: Alright, My name is Tyko, and me and my town could really use your help here, hmm? So, I’m from a place called Tempo Town; it's near the Time Valley, on that ridge overlooking a big cluster of ruins, you know the place?
  • Tyko: So, some old man comes by and tells us to set up there, yes? He ALSO tells us about the dangers of living in the Valley itself... and that's where our problems begin...
  • Tyko: All of this mess started when one night some strange... creature? came by the town and started ravaging everything in sight, without warning. And now, it's been regularly attacking us almost every damn day; we can't bear to deal with it any longer!
  • Tyko: Now, despite the old guy getting us into this mess by saying that the ridge was safe, he's too stubborn about letting us go inside the actual damn place this thing is coming from. So... that's where I need you to come in and help, you feel me?
  • Tyko: We'll help you out a bit if you help us out, alright? Now, I need you to head to the mayor of the town and talk to him, he'll tell you everything that you need to know, don't worry about that...
  • Tyko: Oh, and before you go... stay the HELL away from that old man. If he spots you, he'll just end up being a thorn in your side for this entire job... alright, I think that's everything... off you go!

Stage 2[]

» Go to Tempo Town at [-298, 43, -1147]



  • Homeless Mayor: Hello there. Welcome to the recently made Tempo Town, friend.
  • Homeless Mayor: While we may not be an official town here, we shall still try to assure your stay here is all the more enjoyable.
  • Homeless Mayor: ...Repeat that? Tyko sent- ...TYKO SENT YOU?!?! OH, THANK GROOK!
  • Homeless Mayor: I'm so glad you’re here, soldier! My poor little town has been in so much danger due to these horrible monsters!!!
  • Homeless Mayor: Please, listen carefully, I can't risk you failing, I don't want to lose this little town I've been building here!! So, every night, the same monster emerges from the ruins...
  • Homeless Mayor: AND IT COMES HERE, ON THE DOT! It's so horrible, we've been attacked almost every night by this freak of nature!
  • Homeless Mayor: One of our scouts believes they found the location of it, too! Here, here, let me write the location down for you! No no don't worry let me do it, let me do it!
  • Homeless Mayor: Alright, there's the location, please head there and take care of it as soon as you can! My poor little Tempo Town is counting on you...

Stage 3[]

» Investigate the ruin at [-308, 71, -1231]



  • Scout: Grr... I KNOW I saw that beast go in here, where the hell is it?!?!
  • Scout: Hey soldier, does that disk look like some type of door to you?
  • Scout: I saw some creature that I've been tracking for a few days disappear around here, and I think it's somewhere behind this disk...
  • Scout: But... There's probably some kind of wacky magic keeping it shut, since I can't get it open at all!
  • Scout: Hey, you're able to use magic, right? Maybe using one of your fancy spells on the disk will get it open?
  • Scout: Stand on the disk and cast any spell. That should probably get it open, then we can finally kill that freak of nature lurking inside of there!

Stage 4[]

» Use spells to break open the temple at [-308, 71, -1231]
Stand in or near the center of the temple, with the clay altar, and cast any 3 spells to open it. Then, you can enter, and go through the cave to defeat the beast.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EternalParagon(TempoTownTrouble,Appearance1).png Eternal Paragon 24 194 Melee AI Teleport ✹ Def - Temple Cave
TimeTrouble(TempoTownTrouble).png Time Trouble 28 200 Melee AI - - Timekeeper
(Phase 1)
Temple Cave
Timekeeper(Phase1).png Timekeeper
(Phase 1)
28 1200 Melee AI Heal
Heavy Charge
✦ Dam
✦ Def
(Phase 2)
Time Trouble
Timekeeper(Phase2).png Timekeeper
(Phase 2)
28 1200 Charge AI ??? ✦ Dam
✦ Def
(Phase 3)
(Phase 1)
Timekeeper(Phase3).png Timekeeper
(Phase 3)
28 2400 Melee AI Multihit
✦ Dam
✦ Def
Time Fragment Timekeeper
(Phase 2)
EternalParagon(TempoTownTrouble,Appearance2).png Eternal Paragon 24 194 Melee AI Teleport ✹ Def - Temple Cave


  • Old Man Martyn: What was going through your noggin, <playername>?
  • Old Man Martyn: Do you have any idea what you were doing? Bashing around that room I just sealed off for good?
  • Old Man Martyn: You need to be careful, soldier! This Valley's secrets are NOT to be meddled with.
  • Old Man Martyn: I assume the mayor of that place called Tempo Town sent you here. You are going to have to tell that lad that his problems just got worse.
  • Old Man Martyn: The monster you killed was known as a Time Trouble. They're odd creatures that were forced into a day-long temporal loop by some fools long ago.
  • Old Man Martyn: The only way to keep them at bay effectively is to seal them, like I just did here. But now, that stunt you just pulled sent ripples across the entire Valley. Now, every single Time Trouble is responding to this one's termination!
  • Old Man Martyn: Now, one Time Trouble I can handle, but this? I can't keep them all at bay... and now, you went and awakened every single one of those critters.
  • Old Man Martyn: I can fix this seal, so you'll have one less to deal with, but the rest of the Troubles will have to be taken down daily with brute force.
  • Old Man Martyn: You're going to have to deal with those, soldier. I have far too much to take care of in this valley.
  • Old Man Martyn: They'll have to be exterminated every single day. Now, I'm sure the work won't be thankless, perhaps you'll be rewarded by the townsfolk of Tempo Town for taking care of them.
  • Old Man Martyn: Now please, be careful in the Valley. I already have to look after one person, nevermind the mess of time that the Olm were so-
  • Old Man Martyn: ...I digress, I'm just rambling again. Now, let me bring us back outside this temple, and you should head back to that shanty town.

Stage 5[]

» Report back to the mayor in Tempo Town at [-298, 43, -1147]

  • Homeless Mayor: Hello there, welcome to the recently-... IS THE MONSTER DEAD?! DID YOU KILL IT???
  • Homeless Mayor: Oh... that annoying old man named Martyn saw you? That's a bit of an issue, I suppose...
  • Homeless Mayor: He's the one who's been keeping us from dealing with it for so long! He keeps saying he'll deal with the issue, but then he ends up putting it off!!
  • Homeless Mayor: Wait... WHAT? Okay, let me get this straight: those things are stuck in time, Martyn had a seal on them, and... YOU BROKE IT?!?!
  • Homeless Mayor: AND NOW THERE'S MORE OF THEM???? Dammit, soldier! Now they're going to need to be stopped every day to keep them in check...
  • Homeless Mayor: Hmm... hold on, that [Time Fragment] you have on you... did the monster you kill give you that?
  • Homeless Mayor: Interesting... hey, that reminds me! One of the townsfolk likes to collect those things! He's that Mysterious Merchant just behind me.
  • Homeless Mayor: Go talk with him about those! He might give you something worth your while if you trade them with him.
  • Homeless Mayor: Alright, I think that's it, soldi- huh? Tyko said there was a reward? Of course not, do you really think I have any money? Now, off you go! Thanks for saving my town, I guess...