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The Assistant
NPC Info
X: 491 Z: -1575
Location Detlas
Quest Involved Potion Making

The Assistant is a human located in Detlas. He is the NPC that starts the quest Potion Making.


  • After completing Potion Making:
    • The Assistant: Never speak of this again...stranger.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

  • Talking to The Assistant in snowy Detlas:
    • The Assistant: Heeh...stranger, you return...
    • The Assistant: The weather is quite lovely... is it not? The whites match quite well... with my cloak.
    • The Assistant: ... Did you want more...stranger? I simply wished to comment...on the weather.
  • Further conversation:
    • The Assistant: Well...stranger, what do you seek? There is...no more for you here, eheh...