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The Belly of the Beast
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Thanos/Ozoth's Spire
Province Gavel
Combat Level 82
Starter NPC King Burtan
Reward As follows:

The Belly of the Beast is a medium level 82 quest started in Thanos and played out in the belly of the dragon atop Ozoth's Spire.


In the midst of a breeding Ozoth, King Burtan sends the player to nullify the mother dragon until its children hatch to prevent it from causing more destruction in Thanos.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to King Burtan.

 X   54  Y   17  Z   -5242  Wynncraft Map 


  • King Burtan: Hello, traveller. I suppose you have seen the horrific damage inflicted to Thanos.
  • King Burtan: A fearsome dragon named Ozoth is responsible. She lives atop a mountain named for her, called Ozoth's Spire.
  • King Burtan: She used to be entirely docile to us dwarves, but ever since she began nesting, she’s become hostile.
  • King Burtan: Judging by your impressive equipment, you look like you've seen your fair share of large creatures.
  • King Burtan: I am not asking you to slay Ozoth, that would be nearly impossible. I just need you to feed this enchanted flower to her.
  • King Burtan: It’s a native Elven species usually diluted down to create sleep medicine.
  • King Burtan: The pure substance, however, is very potent and it should calm the beast, perhaps enough to make it hibernate until her egg hatches.
  • King Burtan: We sent in Tharroli to do the job, but I bet he lost his dang flower again. The only issue is, dragons do not like flowers. You will have to force feed it to her.
  • King Burtan: To reach Ozoth's Spire, go through a cave to the north of the entrance, near the fortress entrance. Follow the flames of Ozoth's breath from there.

Stage 2[]

» Feed the Enchanted Flower to Ozoth.

 X   175  Y   199  Z   -5188  Wynncraft Map 


  • It appears you've been swallowed. You should probably bring the flower to Ozoth's stomach, if you can find a way there. Perhaps there's something at the top of the throat.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Baby Dragon 83 5250 Ranged - ✹ Dam
✹ Def
✽ Weak
- Ozoth's Spire

Stage 3[]

» Bring the Enchanted Flower to Ozoth’s stomach.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the puzzles.
Puzzle 1 (9 block code):
  • 1st block: top-middle
  • 2nd block: left-center
  • 3rd block: bottom-right
  • 4th block: bottom-left

Puzzle 2:

  • 1. Wooden Shovel
  • 2. Wooden Block
  • 3. Coal
  • 4. Block of Coal
  • 5. Lava Bucket
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Dragon Flame 82 5000 Melee - ✹ Dam
✹ Def
✽ Weak
- Ozoth's Gut
100px Swallowed Adventurer 83 5250 Ranged - - - Ozoth's Gut


  • Tharroli: Great, another person fell down here. No one seems to be able to survive the trip down… except for me.
  • Tharroli: I was supposed to bring some magic flower to calm down the dragon, but I must've lost mine at some point.
  • Tharroli: Wait, you brought one? Oh, thank goodness! We still might be able to save my fellow dwarves.
  • Tharroli: I'll take your flower and just toss it down into the pit. It should calm the dragon. It's a shame that we’re pretty much just another sacrifice though...
  • Tharroli: There. The flower's gone. Now, I can tell you're thinking about escaping. However, it isn't as simple as that.
  • Tharroli: First of all, you'd have to make it across this pit, which is nearly impossible. And if you manage to do that, who knows what else is ahead?
  • Tharroli: Try to escape if you wish, but it’s probably hopeless. I'll think of another way out, you go ahead without me.

Stage 4[]

» Escape from the inside of Ozoth.

Press the button to open the door

Note - In the parkour over the lava, first head to the right where the button is and go back to the left to where the door is.

713, 59, -6227
Wynncraft Map
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Bacteria 84 5500 Jumper - ✤ Dam
✤ Def
❋ Weak
- Ozoth's Gut
100px Giant Bacteria 95 48000 Ranged - ✤ Dam
✤ Def
❋ Weak
- Ozoth's Gut

Stage 5[]

» Return to King Burtan to tell him of your success.


  • King Burtan: Have you fed the flower to Ozoth? You have? Thank you, I cannot believe you were brave enough to approach a dragon. I only curse myself for not honouring my people.
  • King Burtan: Ozoth was responsible for countless deaths of my men. Not that I can blame her, you should see dwarf women when they rear their young!
  • King Burtan: I trust the task was no mean feat. You deserve a reward for this triumph.
  • King Burtan: You have also earned the trust of the dwarves. You will now be allowed into other dwarven cities.
  • King Burtan: Thank you, kind traveller. May we meet again.


  • This quest used to be the requirement to enter the original city of Maex, but the requirement was removed.
  • In some of Ozoth body parts, heart-beats can be heard