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The Bigger Picture
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Mushroom Village
Province Gavel
Combat Level 76
Starter NPC Psilo
Reward As follows:

The Bigger Picture is a medium level 76 quest, taking place entirely within the Mushroom Cave and the Gnomish Mushroom Village.


On a search for a sleeping solution, you may encounter some unexpected complications when mushrooms don't have exactly the same effects on humans as they do on mice and Gnomes...

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Psilo in the mushroom cave.

Cave Entrance
-209, 37, -4534
Wynncraft Map
 X   -205  Y   42  Z   -4308  Wynncraft Map 
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Regular Zombie 1 6 Melee - - - Psilo's house


  • Psilo: Welcome, large human! What's that look for, never seen a Gnome before?! My house may look small, but it's perfect for me!
  • Psilo: I actually need some help, you see Razorice plague my home! They are similar to the rats of your province, but vicious and deadly to Gnomes!
  • Psilo: An easy fix exists for it though. There are many magical mushrooms in this cave and a rare one called Subtraxerim Utilium is the one we need.
  • Psilo: It emits a sleeping spore that will knock the Razorice out long enough to kill them! I've seen one in the cave but every time I go to get it, I fall asleep!
  • Psilo: I left a trail of spores from the location. Since you're so big, you won't fall asleep! Please retrieve some mushroom for me.
  • Psilo: It glows an odd rainbow colour and can be found near bodies of water, It shouldn't be too hard to find, for a human this cave can't seem too big at all!

Stage 2[]

» Find the Subtraxerim Utilium mushroom in the cave and bring it back to Psilo.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to go.
Follow the colored carpets next to Psilo and get to:
 X   -172  Y   46  Z   -4395  Wynncraft Map 
  • Oh no! Something has changed. You should hurry back to Psilo.

Stage 3[]

» Return to Psilo immediately.

 X   -213  Y   27  Z   -7725  Wynncraft Map 
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Sluggish Weevil 73 2500 Melee - - - Mushroom Village cave
100px Walking Mushroom 70 2322 Passive - - - Mushroom Village cave


  • Psilo: Did you find any? Wait, something is different about you. Have you gotten smaller? Oh my...
  • Psilo: You have.
  • Psilo: I’m really sorry about this, I didn't think the mushroom would have a different effect on humans! But what did I expect from a mushroom that changes colour?!
  • Psilo: Do not panic. I have a mushroom in my house that wakes people up; logic says that if the sleeping mushroom shrinks you, then this one should make you grow again!
  • Psilo: Oh my, you are still shrinking before my eyes. You must hurry to the mushroom. Be careful, though! The Razorice will probably hunt you!
  • Psilo: I keep it on the top shelf, so you will probably have to fight them at some point... If you kill them while you^re there, we can kill two birds with one stone! Just follow the cheese crumbs to find them!
  • Psilo: Good luck! Oh and, do watch out for my pet zombie.

Stage 4[]

» Oh no, you've shrunk again! What now?

  • Oh no! The shrinking effects have worsened!

Stage 5[]

» Get to the mouse nest by following the cheese trail and get rid of the pest.

  • Your surroundings shrink around you.

Stage 6[]

» Get to the blue mushroom and return to normal size.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to go.
When following the cheese, some mushrooms will bounce you up if you stand on an iron pressure plate.

At the end you should be at:

 X   2  Y   36  Z   -7377  Wynncraft Map 
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the colour puzzle.
The first letter of each sign should match the first letter of the colour of that column. Press the buttons on each until the colours become brown, green, orange, red, pink and yellow.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Dust Mite 75 3925 Melee - - - Psilo's house
100px Experimental Sludge 75 3950 Jumper - - - Psilo's house
100px Bookworm 76 4000 Melee - - - Psilo's house
100px Bed Bug 76 4200 Melee - - - Psilo's house
100px Bony Mannequin 76 3925 Melee - - - Psilo's house
100px Fleshed Statuette 78 13500 Melee - - - Psilo's house
100px Regular Zombie 80 300000 Melee - - - Psilo's house
BigRazorouse.png Razorouse 75 2805 Ranged - - - Psilo's house
100px The Razorouse King 82 72500 Melee Push
Heavy Charge
✤ Dam
✤ Def
❋ Weak
Razorouse King Tail Psilo's house
  • Your size has returned to normal! You should return to Psilo.

Stage 7[]

» Give Psilo the good news about the mice.


  • Psilo: Well look at you! All back to your normal size! Maybe even a fraction taller! I'm relieved, that mushroom would have either made you grow, or set you on fire.
  • Psilo: I didn't think you would want to know the last part. And what about the Razorice, did you find any?
  • Psilo: You did?! That is excellent news! I can finally go back in my house. Wow, you humans really are amazing.
  • Psilo: A Villager wouldn't have done that unless there was something overpriced in it for them! But you did it for nothing!
  • Psilo: Just kidding! Here, take some of our Gnome gold. You deserve it! Thank you so much! And sorry about the whole shrinking you thing, but hey, being small isn't so bad!


  • If you see a Regular Zombie, don't fight him, because he will regenerate his health too fast and it isn't meant to fight him in the Quest.
  • You can skip most of the quest that takes place inside of the mushroom house while small by using movement skills to get straight to the blue mushroom. For example, there is a red, 'bouncy' mushroom with an iron plate on the left somewhat below the blue mushroom at the top. The quest can then be completed by walking into the blue mushroom, without fighting any boss or anything at all really.
  • When you kill the mini Boss, you must follow the cheese path again.
  • The entrance to The Mushroom Village Cave is at:
 X   -209  Y   37  Z   -4534  Wynncraft Map