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The Canary Calls
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Thesead mines
Province Gavel
Combat Level 85
Starter NPC Grenot
Reward As follows:

The Canary Calls is a medium level 85 quest located in the Thesead mines.


The player approaches Grenot, a coal miner that says that he and his crew can't get in the mines because of a gas that makes villagers ill. The player goes in to fix it, but then things go south.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Grenot outside the Thesead coal mine.

676, 78, -5019
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  • Grenot: If you're here to get some coal, we're all out. It's like we told everyone else, the mine isn't safe.
  • Grenot: Wait, you don't know what's happening here?
  • Grenot: Coal is the heart of Thesead, it provides us with fuel, warmth, and wealth. Usually it's pretty easy to supply, since we mine it right here.
  • Grenot: But recently the mine filled with a strange gas. It's poisonous and makes everyone who inhales it extremely sick.
  • Grenot: If we could just get inside, we could fix the problem. Until the mine is cleared, we can't get any coal to Thesead.
  • Grenot: We've only seen how the gas affects villagers, I wonder if it is less potent for humans...
  • Grenot: If you are willing to take the risk, we would greatly reward you for helping us restore the mine to full operation.

Stage 2[]

» Enter the coal mine.


  • This must be the gas Grenot was talking about, luckily it doesn't seem to affect you...

Stage 3[]

» Progress through the coal mine.


  • This crack must be the source of the gas. Maybe you can use something here to seal it...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the solution of the minecart puzzle.
  • Configure the tracks by stepping on the pressure plates so that the minecart follows the route shown in the picture.
  • Press the green button to spawn a minecart.
  • At the crossing you have to switch the track while the minecart is in the loop going counter-clockwise.
  • At the hill you have to push the minecart up a bit. For best results go to the hill before the minecart arrives there.
  • When the minecart drops in the crack, it closes and the nausea goes away. At the same time a hole in the wall next to the buttons appear.
  • Go through the exit to advance to the next stage. It closes after a while.

The Canary Calls Puzzle.jpg

  • The crack closes, and stops the gas from pouring out. It seems an exit has appeared, too.

Stage 4[]

» Escape the coal mine!


  • Even though you contained the gas, there appears to be some leftover. That thing must've been responsible.
  • With all this fire, the leftover gas might make this place explode! Get out of here, quickly!
  • That was a close call, but it seems you made it out safely.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:ExplodingTNT.png Exploding TNT 85 100000 Burst Ranged Self-Destruct - - Thesead Coal Mine

Stage 5[]

» Return to Grenot.


  • Grenot: What happened? I heard the explosion, and when one of the other miners went to check what happened, the gas was gone!
  • Grenot: Well, I have a hunch that you were responsible for it. I don't know how you did it, but that was extremely brave.
  • Grenot: Even after I told you how dangerous that gas is, you still went in to stop it. Now we can get coal to the town again! Ha! Only a Human would care about his fellow men!
  • Grenot: On behalf of all of Thesead, I thank you. All right everyone; Thesead needs a lot of coal, so get to work!


  • When you see the magma cube, be prepared to run.


  • The thing that was causing the gas to flood the mines was most likely a Fleris.
  • This is the first quest implemented to use a timer on screen for an action stage.
  • The quest is named after a security measure miners did in the past - they carried a cage with a bird with them to detect dangerous gasses. If the bird died, the area was not safe. In this quest we are the bird.
  • This quest will be updated in 2.0. For the upcoming version, see The Canary Calls (2.0).