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Disambig.png This article is about the character. For the Raid, see The Canyon Colossus (Raid).

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It's only a matter of time before the Canyon of the Lost meets the same fate as the Sky Islands, as a land that was ripped apart by an unknown, colossal entity...
The Canyon Colossus
NPC Info
X: 662 Z: -4448
Location Canyon of the Lost

The Canyon Colossus is the boss of its eponymous raid, as well as a major character in the storyline of the Canyon of the Lost as well as the Molten Heights and Sky Islands. It has no direct dialogue with the player, and the lore about the Canyon Colossus is found through secrets in the Canyon of the Lost and the Sky Islands.


The Canyon Colossus mysteriously appeared in the Canyon of the Lost sometime before the Nether Portal was unearthed. It calmly served as the guardian of the Canyon of the Lost and was a necessary good in its area.

However, when the portal was unearthed, The Canyon Colossus and another one of its kind, the Ahms Colossus, started to act haywire from an unknown cause. The Doguns, being able to reach the one in the Canyon of the Lost, managed to tame the stone behemoth, preventing it from shattering the Canyon. The same couldn't be said for the Ahms Colossus, however. The Doguns were unable to reach it, and when the Villagers saw their protector act haywire, they had no clue what to do, and thus, caused the Ahms Region to fracture into 2 separate areas, the Sky Islands and The Void. Many lives were lost in the fracturing, including the Ahms Colossus itself, from being unable to separate its body from the earth. The remains of the once-great protector now reside in the Void, separated, to never guard the Ahms Region again.

The Dogun War was also a threat to the canyon, since the dwarves had won the war, they froze the Doguns by drenching them in water, making them unable to speak, move, or think. Oblivious to the role the Doguns had to protect the Canyon, the area around the Colossus had started to fracture the region around it, as well as cause the area to shift from time to time, making the whole region of the Canyon of the Lost nigh-impossible to navigate, as well as occasionally forming cracks in the terrain as well. However, the shifting of the canyons has done a good for the Canyon of the Lost, it keeps out the Parasites ravaging West Gavel and the Gylia Plains, preventing the Canyon from suffering of the Decay.


  • The Colossus technically has the highest amount of HP of any mob in the game, with the Raid Boss having 18,000,000 HP Total.
    • If it was singular mobs and not groups of mobs, then Orphion is the mob with the highest HP (8,000,000), with the Mammoth Mouth of The Colossus in second(4,000,000), followed by The Eye in third(3,500,000)
  • The Colossus also boasts the highest level of any mob in game, with all of the Phase 3 enemies being Lv 400, and the Phase 2 enemies are Lv 250. The main level of the Colossus is 250, which ties it with Orphion and The Parasite for being the highest-leveled mob, as it is also Lv 250. The Eye comes in second, at Lv 180, and Dr. Legendary in third, at 170.
  • The Colossus is sometimes called the Archlad.
    • This is because of a golem in the Gylia Plains that was referred to by the CT as 'The Lad', and since the Colossus is much bigger and likely the golem was a Colossus Spawn that was growing into a Colossus very slowly.
  • The Colossus was formerly called the Lost Colossus before 1.20. Another difference is that the area around it wasn't fractured and that the now sky-blue veins were a bright green instead. There was also a subtle menacing face within the bottom of it, which could have possibly hinted at the bottom of The Colossus being the entrance to the now-scrapped The Mortal Mountain dungeon.
    • It also had different discovery lore: This massive statue is often thought to not be merely a still monument, but actually a living being.