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The Canyon Guides
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location The entrance of Bantisu Air Temple
Province Gavel
Combat Level 84
Starter NPC Gana
Reward As follows:

The Canyon Guides is a medium level 84 quest situated in the Canyon of the Lost.


After becoming terribly disoriented in the vast Canyon of the Lost, Seluc finds himself in a cave with little food and in dire need of salvation. On the other side of the Canyon, Gana is aware of Seluc's critical situation and recruits the player to bring him all the way to Bantisu.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Gana.

 Location   The entrance of Bantisu Air Temple   X   444  Y   104  Z   -4805  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gana: Hello, adventurer. Welcome to Bantisu Temple. We help "the lost" move on, and help travellers like yourself navigate the canyon.
  • Gana: We are masters of the air, through the wind we can see all. Wherever it goes, we can see.
  • Gana: But you aren't lost, are you? Impressive. We could actually use your help.
  • Gana: There's a lost man, in a cave way in the north, his food supply is running low and if he dies his soul will be lost to the canyon.
  • Gana: But the path to him is impossible for us monks. If you were able to bring him here, we might be able to save him.
  • Gana: His name is Seluc. To find the cave he is in, just follow the main path northwards to the edge of the canyon. I shall also write down the coordinates for you.

Stage 2[]

» Find Seluc inside the cave.

 Location   Canyon of the Lost   X   450  Y   29  Z   -5371  Wynncraft Map 


  • Seluc: Hello, is someone there? I can't believe it! Do you know your way around the canyon? I'm so lost! Must be because I'm so nearsighted...
  • Seluc: The people at Bantisu Temple can help me? All right, I'll come with you, but watch out for rockslides!

Stage 3[]

» Escort Seluc back to Gana.


  • Seluc: Be careful, there's a rockslide coming! We both need to keep away from that red area!
  • Seluc: There's another rockslide coming! Remember to keep away from that red area!
  • Seluc: Oh no, it's another rockslide! We need to hurry to the other side before it blocks the path completely!

Stage 4[]

» Speak to Gana and Seluc


  • Seluc: We've finally made it! And it's all thanks to you, human.
  • Gana: Ah, I see you have arrived safely, Seluc.
  • Seluc: Yeah, and it's all thanks to you, human! You saved my life out there! Wait... how do you even know my name?
  • Gana: I am at one with the wind, I can see and hear all.
  • Seluc: Anyways, I can't thank you enough for coming to my rescue like that.
  • Seluc: Take this, it's the least I can give you for saving my life.


  • If Seluc is caught in a landslide, he will respawn back at the original cave, forcing the player to restart.
  • Seluc will stop following you if you use any kind of spell, you will need to run back within 2 or 3 blocks of him to get him to follow you again.
  • Seluc is easily distracted by mobs, you will need to kill large amounts of mobs, as he cannot actually kill the mobs himself without killing himself in the process.