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The Canyon Guides
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location The entrance of Bantisu Air Temple
Province Gavel
Combat Level 84
Starter NPC Gana
Reward As follows:

The Canyon Guides is a medium level 84 quest situated in the Canyon of the Lost.


Gana sees Seluc, a traveler in the Canyon of the Lost and believes him to be disoriented, so they send the player to guide Seluc to the Bantisu Air Temple. However, the lost traveler can be a bit of a hassle for the player.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Gana at [-426, 101, -4829].


  • Gana: Welcome to the Bantisu Temple, wandering human. We aid travelers such as yourself in navigating the capricious canyon walls.
  • Gana: We commune with the wind, and she gives us her sight. Wherever the breeze blows, we may see.
  • Gana: You appear to be quite strong, and well-kept by your wits. Might we ask you to aid us, then?
  • Gana: You see, a lost man is staking out in a camp on the nearby cliff faces. It pains us to see him, but we are unable to reach him.
  • Gana: The canyon creatures there are ruthless, and we are not suited to physical combat. We would be able to reach him, but we would be stranded ourselves.
  • Gana: We ask you to guide Seluc to us. We shall send you to him, and you will bring him here. If you wish to help, you will be rewarded for your time.

A portal will appear where Gana is at that takes you to Seluc.

Stage 2[]

» Find Seluc in his camp at [551, 52, -5032].


  • Seluc: Who's that? Am I finally being rescued!?
  • Seluc: Wait, a human! Ugh, I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. What did you do, take a day off cliff diving?
  • Seluc: If you really did intend to rescue me, you've assuredly wasted both our time.
  • Seluc: If you really want to make yourself useful, get a Bantisu monk over here! You're good at that, right? Fetching things and people?

You have to left-click Seluc to knock him off of the cliff.

  • Seluc: WHY YOU-
  • Seluc: You're trying to kill me, aren't you?! What, can't take hearing the truth? Now my coat is drenched, and! AND!
  • Seluc: These Jinko are going to pounce any second now!! I haven't got a weapon, were you expecting me to rush off and get into a rumble?!
  • Seluc: Kill them! Kill then now! And get me OUT OF HERE! You got me into this mess, now get me out!!

Stage 3[]

» Escort Seluc back to Gana.

Seluc.png When you arrive at the first pillar on the path to the Bantisu Temple, Seluc will set his coat down.

  • Seluc: Ugh, all that danger got me flustered. I'm sweating in this coat...and it's all soaked already. Let me just...
  • Seluc: ...set that aside. Congratulations, human! I'm probably never getting that coat back, and it cost me a pretty sum. Thanks for nothing.
  • Seluc: All this walking...I'm taking a break here. You forced me to jump off a cliff, I get to force you to slow down. It's only fair! Besides that...
  • Seluc: I only even came here just to see the view. At least that can't be ruined. Still, some vacation this turned out to be...

An earthquake will start happening.

  • Seluc: Wait, what in the world- What's going on?!

Seluc will get knocked off by the earthquake.

  • Seluc: GAH! NOT AGAIN!!!
  • Seluc: NO ONE TELLS ME ANYTHING! The brochure didn't mention earthquakes, YOU didn't tell me either, but what was I expecting from a human anyways?!
  • Seluc: I'm not a carrot! You'd better get me out of h- ...wait, wait, those...

You need to kill 9 Hobgoblins to progress.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
File:HeatedHobgoblin.png Heated Hobgoblin 85 4500 Melee - Weak
- Farm near Bantisu Air Temple
  • Seluc: Sweet baby bovine I just saw my life flash before my eyes. Ugh...now pull me up. I'm stuck. But easy on the goods, I'm NOT a carrot I'll remind you!

Right-click Seluc to pull him out.

  • Seluc: Great. I'm SO grateful to be covered in mud and hobgoblin blood, and to be lacking my coat, AND to be stuck with a human.
  • Seluc: Just get me out of here already. See, if an actual Bantisu monk had come down I'd probably be at home already, sipping tea by the fire!
  • Seluc: I know you humans are reckless, but I'd have expected you to have SOME concern, since you supposedly wanted to rescue me.
  • Seluc: Ugh, my feet are killing me. Maybe this hike wouldn't be so bad if SOMEONE hadn't knocked me into the lake and made me lose my shoes!

Another earthquake will happen on the way up.

  • Seluc: More earthquakes...? Wait-
  • Seluc: The ridge is collapsing!!
  • Seluc: RUN!

The fallen ridge will block your path.

  • Seluc: ...perfect. Just GREAT! The only available path to the temple, and now it's blocked off! Just my luck!!
  • Seluc: ...wait. You're reckless and willing to endanger your life, right? There's no way that I could possibly use them, but I see some ledges.
  • Seluc: See, just to the side of the rockslide? There's some ledges to jump around on.

Stage 4[]

» Find a way to get Seluc past the blockage.

There will be some parkour to the left of the rockslide, and by following the parkour, it will lead you to an area that when right-clicked, summons a ladder for Seluc to climb on.


  • Seluc: ...of course it's a ladder. I'm going to be feeling this climb for weeks...
  • Seluc: Huff...puff... Well...huff... Wait, there's...there's no way down to the other side! Huff...what a waste!!
  • Seluc: Can you do ANYTHING right?! There's no way I'm jumping down there, you maniac!

Left-click Seluc to knock him off the edge of the hill.

  • Seluc: YOU-!
  • Seluc: You...had better count yourself lucky I haven't broken any bones over this. Agh...but that doesn't mean I'm not aching all over!!
  • Seluc: When I said you were reckless, I was hoping that maybe you'd keep that side of yourself away from other people!!

Stage 5[]

» Escort Seluc back to Gana.


  • Seluc: At least we're nearly at the temple now. Come on Seluc, silver linings, silver linings. You're nearly away from this freak...
  • Seluc: Okay, you know what? No. You've put me through QUITE a lot here, human, so you're going to do me a favor and I'm not going to move another step til it's done.
  • Seluc: I paid two weeks wages for that coat you soaked. I'm not leaving here without it, and I'm way too tired to walk back down.
  • Seluc: So you're going back down to the bottom of the ridge, and you're going to get me my coat. It's the least you could do.

Another earthquake will happen, opening a hole to the bottom of the mountain.

  • Seluc: And be quick about it! I feel like these quakes are going to make the whole mountain collapse. That looks like it opened up a hole straight to the bottom!

Stage 6[]

» Retrieve the coat Seluc left behind at [486, 32, -4950].

Right-click to pick up the coat.

  • [+1 Ornamental Coat]
  • Now that you have the coat, you should return to Seluc.

Stage 7[]

» Talk to Gana and Seluc.


  • Seluc: Took you long enough, coat-fetcher! I'm practically frostbitten up here!
  • Seluc: You see, I was just speaking to Gana about your dirt-poor imitation of their job! You ought to be ashamed- I had to get up here all on my own!
  • Gana: ...hm. I will say, there are many lost around the canyon, Seluc- it may have been a long time before we were able to help you.
  • Seluc: Anyway! Give me that coat. The monks here are going to provide me some hospitality then guide me out of these wretched canyon walls.
  • Seluc: This is goodbye then, human, I won't be missing you. Shoo!
  • Gana: ...He did not really guide himself here. Did he.
  • Should you tell Gana the truth?
    • [1] It was me who guided him.
      • Seluc: ...uh. ...dang it, why you gotta did that.
      • Gana: Let this be a lesson to you, Seluc. You cannot lie to those who see with the wind. Now show your gratitude towards this kind human.
    • [2] He's being sincere.


  • This quest will be changed in the 2.0 update. For the previous version of the quest, see The Canyon Guides.