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The Cook
NPC Info
X: -847 Z: -1563
Location Ragni
Quest Involved Cook Assistant

The Cook is the starting NPC in the quest Cook Assistant. He is a chef for the King of Ragni, and has received an order to bake a cake. However, because he doesn't have the ingredients, he asks the player to get them, and gifts them a Royal Cake Slice at the end of the quest as a reward for gathering the ingredients.


-847, 67, -1563
Wynncraft Map

The Cook is located in a house near the center of Ragni.


Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

  • After inviting The Cook to festivities in Detlas:
    • The Cook: Festivities! Those sound like fun. Unforunately... I've been tasked with cooking up another large meal...
    • The Cook: Oh, where will I ever get [16 Gudgeon Meat] in time? If I don't get it done in time...
    • The Cook: Say. You helped me out last time, did you not? If you can get me what I need, I'll be free to visit Detlas for the festivities!
  • Talking to The Cook without having brought the fish yet:
    • The Cook: You're back! But you don't have the fish? Remember, I need [16 Gudgeon Meat]!
  • Bringing the fish to The Cook:
    • The Cook: You have the fish? Excellent! This is just what I need to finish this meal... Go ahead, then! I'll meet you in Detlas when I'm finished.
  • Talking to The Cook after bringing the fish:
    • The Cook: I'm still working hard to finish preparing this meal! Go on ahead, I'll meet you in Detlas.
  • Talking to The Cook in Detlas:
    • The Cook: Hm hm... Well, this city certainly doesn't have the sort of kitchen Ragni has... But it'll do.
    • The Cook: Ah! Hello! They've certainly decorated this place, haven't they?
    • The Cook: Quite beautiful. Anyways, I'd best get to cooking. This place won't feed itself!
  • Further conversation with The Cook in Detlas:
    • [1] "Could you cook me something?"
      • The Cook: Cook you something? Right now? Well... I could certainly try!
      • The Cook: Just give me a moment... If I put this here... And... Done! Here you are!
      • [+1 Hastily-Prepared Food]
        • If you are holding a Hastily-Prepared Food and ask The Cook to cook for you again, they will say:
          • The Cook: Ah... Didn't I just cook up something for you? At least wait a little before asking again.
    • [2] "Why are you still cooking here?"
      • The Cook: Oh, but I love cooking! It's my passion in life.
      • The Cook: One day, I hope to own a restaurant of my very own! The highest quality of cuisine.
      • The Cook: Alas, that dream is far to my future... Or is it the past? It's hard to tell, sometimes.
    • [3] "Just checking in."
      • The Cook: Oh! Well, I'm doing just fine, thank you for checking.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • The Cook: Ah! There you are. I was looking for you.
    • The Cook: I've spent my time cooking up a great Craftmas feast for everyone here...
    • The Cook: It took some time, but I'm finally done! Here, take this. As thanks for getting me out of Ragni, if only for a little.
    • [+1 Craftmas Dinner]
    • The Cook: Hm... Is there anything I can help you with?