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The Dark Descent
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Underworld Crypt
Province Wynn
Combat Level 24
Starter NPC General Graken
Reward As follows:

The Dark Descent is a long level 24 quest around the Underworld Crypt Dungeon and Ancient Nemract.


The Nemract army has figured out that a lot of the zombies in the area come from a skull in Ancient Nemract, but they need the player's help to figure out how to get in and stop the zombies from spreading.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to General Graken at [227, 45, -1958]



  • General Graken: Ah, hello there chap! I must say, I didn't expect to see a part of the old Ragni regiment over 'ere.
  • General Graken: I am General Graken, leader of the Nemract militia. Charmed to meet you!
  • General Graken: You've seen all the bloody zombies faffing about everywhere, yes? They're all seeming to come from this massive skull
  • General Graken: And try as we might, the thing won't give! Blades, pickaxes, explosives, our burliest soldiers, all done bugger all!
  • General Graken: If we could figure a way in, then we might be able to curb the flow of these undead gits, but it won't budge.
  • General Graken: However! I found something quite interesting recently. Look at the eyesockets. Notice how the right one has a bright ruby?
  • General Graken: It used to be fitted with a dark one like the left.
  • General Graken: I've a hunch, chap! And that hunch is, if we can find another matching ruby, this thing might open up its gob!
  • General Graken: I found the first gem in one of the houses nearby, so I'd like you to check that house again.
  • General Graken: Perhaps I simply overlooked the other one in there. If not, then we'll start searching elsewhere.
  • General Graken: It's just south of here. The house still had solid wood boarding in it, despite the age, so look lively, chum!

Stage 2[]

» Investigate the house in Ancient Nemract at [226, 49, -1910] to find the second ruby



  • General Graken: Oh, sod it, I knew I was forgetting something! Steady there, chum! I'm on my way!

The floor breaks and the player falls downwards.

  • General Graken: Drat! Too late, it seems. Yes, I forgot to mention the floor was in poor condition. Up here! You took quite the tumble, are you alright?
  • General Graken: Well, there's some good news, I suppose. Still though, seems I sent you a ticket to a bit of a sticky wicket! Do you see a way out anywhere down there?
  • General Graken: There's a tunnel? Aha, spiffing! I suggest you take it immediately. I'll have to return to my post now, post-haste!
  • General Graken: Good luck, chum! Now, back, you cads! Back I say!
  • ???: Keheh... Come further, little human... Step into the shadows...

Stage 3[]

» Go through the tunnel in the basement of the house
You can see the glowing ruby as you reach the end of the tunnel, but you will fall down a hole and be transported before you can reach it.

Stage 4[]

» Investigate the strange dark realm

  • ???: Welcome...

The realm contains a gray/monochrome version of Ancient Nemract, with a few lost soul mobs scattered around. The only source of color is the giant tree around the skull that marks the entrance of the Underworld Crypt dungeon in the normal reality. There is only one path you can follow through the town, and as you go through it you will trigger multiple short cutscenes.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
LostSoul(TheDarkDescent,Mob1).png Lost Soul 20 Invulnerable None AI - - - Gray Ancient Nemract
LostSoul(TheDarkDescent,Mob2).png Lost Soul 20 Invulnerable None AI - - - Gray Ancient Nemract
Gray Ancient Nemract
7015, 52, -1825


  • Soldier: Scout! Report your findings, immediately! How many corrupteds are coming?
  • Scout: I...there...too many...th-thousands, at...at least...
  • Soldier: Thousands...? This is far worse than I expected. Men! Prepare for-
  • Scout: No point...we're...doomed...
  • Soldier: Wait, w-what's going on? What's happening to you?!

The scout will die and turn into a skeleton.

Gray Ancient Nemract
6984, 40, -1858

When you make your way to the dark version of the house in which you first entered this realm, you will be able to walk down into the basement. When you do, a group of spirits will rush out into the basement and dissipate, opening a hole in the wall that you can then pass through.

Gray Ancient Nemract
6927, 44, -1852


  • Lost Soul: Please, stop this! Whoever you are, leave me and my family in peace! What did we ever do to deserve this?!
  • ???: Ah, but if you had only said so sooner! They have already left this mortal coil...oh, what a shame.
  • Lost Soul: Y-you...I thought they...oh, god, no...
  • ???: Hush now. I will ensure that you and your family are reunited. You will even be able to partake in...keheh...family outings, under my watchful eye...
  • Lost Soul: Wha...you mean... N-no, please! I don't want to hurt anyone! I don't want to die!!
  • ???: Aha, naive girl. How cute, you believe you have a choice in the matter. What you want, is not what I need.

Charon, under the name "???", will walk up and kill the lost soul, then disappear.

Upon entering the shadow version of the area in which the skull lies, you will be confronted by Charon, still under the name ???.

Gray Ancient Nemract Skull
6980, 43, -1899


  • ???: Heheh...do you see now?
  • ???: Do you see how easily this place fell? How quickly I became its master? And how I could simply dispose of you without a second thought?
  • ???: Such fragile beings, humans. So very easily influenced. Heartbroken, made hopeless. Your ties only serve to weaken you.
  • ???: So I invite you to continue. I encourage it, even. For if you should foray into my domain...
  • ???: There would be simply no chance for you to survive. And then, I will be free to string you up like a lifeless little puppet.
  • ???: So take the gem, my little soldier. I eagerly await our next meeting, keheheh...
  • You should collect the gem in the left socket before leaving, regardless of the strange figure's ominous comments. Is there a way to climb up somewhere nearby?

Stage 5[]

» Take the ruby from the eyesocket of the dark skull and leave the strange dark realm.
To get to the eyesocket, you must do a short parkour up some white platforms. You can then take the ruby by punching one block beneath it.

  • This gem seems to match the one in the normal world. It seems like the only way to go from here is into the skull.

You must continue down the tunnel until you fall and are transported to a copy of the first room of the Underworld Crypt dungeon. The doors in it will open; entering them will take you back to the normal version of Ancient Nemract.

  • ???: I will allow you to return now... and I will ensure you remember what you have seen here.
  • ???: Good luck on your little quest...keheheh...
  • General Graken: Hey! Come on, come over here! Quit milling about with the zombies, chap!

Stage 6[]

» Return the ruby to Graken



  • General Graken: Oi! Hallo?! Chum? Why're you wandering round all bog-eyed? Come back to me now!
  • General Graken: Come on, pip pip! Let's see a bit more colour in your eyes- There we are! Back now, chap?
  • General Graken: Capital! You had me quite worried for a spot, there. Do bubble about just what went on down there, mm? I see you've managed to uncover the gem, at least!
  • General Graken: But, you were stumbling about like a senile biddy, eyes blank as cream, and you kept muttering something about a Charon.
  • General Graken: I'm supposing he was the one who took you for a spin there? Well, you certainly haven't carked it, so I might call this operation a jolly good success!
  • General Graken: Ah, quite a nasty look there, chum! Don't you worry a bit, I'll be carrying the can on that one. I'll also take care of putting in this gem, too!
  • General Graken: I already took out the one up there, so how'd you like to take it, chuck? I can feel the magic potential in it, and I'll be buggered if you go without reward.
  • General Graken: Now, might be good to go back to town, cop some zeds after all that codswallop. I'm certain you can't be feeling quite ace right now.
  • General Graken: And while that was quite the impressive feat, just rushing straight on in the state you're in right now...wouldn't end happily.
  • General Graken: Still though. Once you've all healed up, I'd be chuffed to have you along again in the expedition down into the depths, old bean!