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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Doguns' Defeat SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
For years the Doguns fought for their land, but eventually every war must have a victor, although no one is a winner.
Coordinates X: 1469, Z: -5168
Suggested Level Combat Lv. 85+
Uses Discovery
Requirements All other Molten Heights Secret Discoveries found

The Doguns' Defeat is a Secret Discovery located in the Molten Heights, near Rodoroc. It is an Ultimate Discovery, requiring all Molten Heights Secret Discoveries to be found.

The cutscene showcases the final battle of the Dogun War. It takes place in what used to be Courag, the Dogun Capital.


Lower Molten Heights
1469, 21, -5168
Wynncraft Map
  • Head east from Rodoroc, go right, and follow the path until you find a ruined village. Stand in the large stone structure.



  • [Molten Heights] 300 AP
  • Dwarven Commander: Troops! Advance!

A Dwarven squadron marches to battle.


  • Dwarven Commander: Ready the cannons!
  • Dwarven Captain: Sir, I have just been informed that the final Dogun settlement has been raided.
  • Dwarven Captain: All of our forces will now focus on attacking the Dogun Capital!
  • Dwarven Commander: Excellent. You must tell Algard at once.
  • General Algard: Division 3, defend the barrier! Division 4, assist the wounded!
  • General Algard: We cannot afford to lose this battle!
  • Dwarven Soldier: BRING IT ON!

A small group of Dwarves charge at a Dogun.


  • Dogun: Charging...at us? Don't be...silly.

The Dogun fights the incoming Dwarves.


  • Dogun: Urgh... I won't...let you win...so easily.

Two more Doguns join the fight and continue to fend off the Dwarves.


However, the Dwarves manage to trap the Doguns with TNT, setting it off soon after.


  • General Algard: It appears we have gained the upper hand.
  • General Algard: If we can maintain our current position, victory is within our grasp.
  • Dwarven Captain: It's too early to come to that conclusion, sir. The enemy may have hidden forces.
  • Dwarven Lieutenant: Sir! Enemy reinforcements approaching from the upper level!

More Doguns approach and use magic to destroy a cannon.


  • Dwarven Captain: There's too many of them, Algard!
  • Dwarven Captain: We may not be able to hold our current position for much longer!
  • General Algard: I see.
  • General Algard: Then there is only one thing left to-

A horn sounds in the distance, and General Osseus approaches.

  • General Algard: It's... General Osseus?! But that means...
  • General Osseus: Garaheth has been slain!
  • General Osseus: You Doguns have no choice but to surrender!
  • Dogun: Impossible... How could... No...
  • Dogun: Very well... We will surrender...on one condition.
  • Dogun: You must never...bother us...ever again.
  • General Algard: Then it is settled.
  • General Algard: Now, while they're vulnerable!

The scene cuts to black.

  • The Doguns were ruthlessly turned into stone by the Dwarves.
  • The few who survived their surprise attack fled to the surface.
  • Though sealed, the bitter cries of the Doguns can be heard through the stone.


  • The two statues seen in front of the entrance to Molten Heights, involved in the Tomb of the Founders discovery, represent Algard and Osseus.