Wynncraft Wiki
The Elephelk
Type Elephant
Level 86
Health 16000
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Canyon of the Lost

The Elephelk is a rare mob found wandering through the Canyon of the Lost. It attacks when threatened and uses a pull spell to drag the player closer, as it walks very slowly due to its size. When killed it has the chance to drop a 0✫ Tough Skin, a 1✫ Ivory Tusk, a 1✫ Stone Plating unique 2✫ ingredient, an Elephant Toenail, and an also unique 3✫ Elephelk Trunk, the most sought after Ingredient from the Mob. One of the main reasons the Elephant Toenail and the Elephelk Trunk are more expensive is that it only spawns in a small clearing with a Tool Merchant house and a Lvl 83 Slaying Post near 553 28 -5018.