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The Emperor in his royal residence.
Personal Info
Relatives Hashr (26th son)[1],
Hundreds of other children[2]
Status Dead
Lifespan Hundreds of years[2]
Information The Emperor of the ancient Desert Empire, who ruled over the Desert of Almuj. Drew his power from his sceptre, an artifact so powerful that it was worshipped by his subjects and allowed him to elevate himself to godlike status.[3] Was eventually killed by his 26th child, Hashr, after he found out that the Emperor wasn't the godlike figure that his subjects revered him as.[4]

The Emperor was an extremely powerful human who ruled the Desert at least 2400 years ago,[4] far before the Frumans ever came to inhabit it.[5] The empire he ruled, the Desert Empire, lasted for hundreds of years under his reign and became so advanced that it was likely as civilized as the people of today.[2]

The Emperor drew his magical power from his sceptre, which prolonged his lifespan and was revered by the people of the Empire.[3] During the hundreds of years of his life, he had hundreds of children: it is stated that some of his children were born when his grandchildren died.[2] Many great buildings were also created under his reign, such as the Desert Royal Residence and possibly Almuj, also called the Citadel.[6] The massive walls separating the Desert from the Wynn Plains were also likely built by him.[4]

However, the Emperor's 26th son, Hashr, began growing greedy and envious of his father's power. Thus, he ventured outside of the Desert's walls and travelled across Wynn, where he learned that the Emperor was not the only individual able to harness magic and that his status as a "God" was false. Outraged, Hashr returned to the Desert in 1400 BP and confronted his father. After a brief quarrel, Hashr leaped at the Emperor and killed him, taking his sceptre for himself. What Hashr didn't know, is that the Emperor placed a curse upon the sceptre, which created a massive sandstorm that raged on for years and buried the entire empire under the sand.[4] Realizing what the true extents of the sceptre's powers were, Hashr hid it in the Temple of Swords,[7] before being sealed into the Sand-Swept Tomb by the Emperor's subjects for his betrayal against his father.[5]


  • The Emperor's sceptre was so well-known and powerful that it was even drawn by the children of the Eagle Tribe of the Mesa, depicted in the middle of a sandstorm.[6]
  • Before 1.20, the date of the Emperor's death was 100 BP. It was then changed to be way further in the past, at 1400 BP.
    • Curiously, 1400 BP is also the date of Gavel's Gylia Cataclysm.[8] Whether there is any correlation at all between these two events is unknown.